Monday, May 15, 2006

Is New Orleans' election getting in the way of a bid?

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You're New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. You're in a huge election battle, that many expect you to lose. Your primary runoff is in 5 days, on May 20. Oh, and by the way, your city's proposal to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention is due the day before the election, on May 19. And the main reason the Democrats might come to your city, Katrina, is the reason you might lose the election. And some think that if you win the election, you won't get the bid anyway.

Will New Orleans get a bid in this week? There's been absolutely no news on any activity by New Orleans to prepare a bid, so it's hard to know what's going on.

It would not suprise me if New Orleans does not get a bid in by Friday, but it would also not suprise me if the DNC allowed the bid to come in late, given the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Would people be interested in the % probabilities of each of the applicant and hopeful cities getting the convention?

We know the economic significance of and to a city of getting the convention, therefore people will trade this issue like they trade stocks or wheat futures.

If you would like to see the chances of each city get the convention send a mail to (Google ) asking them to list this on their boards.

I already have but I think they need to hear if from a few folks.

Matt said...

If I were Tradesports, I'm not sure I would list it. Unlike a sporting event, or an election, this is a decision made by one person, and there's a lot of inside information that could be misused. But that's their decision, not mine, so sure, go ahead and email them.