Monday, May 22, 2006

Facilities Overview

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Here is an overview of the facilities that may be proposed by the four cities bidding to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention. There are assumptions and estimates here which will be refined as the process moves forward. (Updated to include St. Paul XCel Center).

  • Denver - Pepsi Center - Built 1999 - Cap: 19,000 - Skyboxes: ?? - Adjacent Media Workspace: None - Previous conventions: Dem 1908
  • Minneapolis/St, Paul - Previous conventions: GOP 1892
    • Target Center - Built 1990, Refurbished 2004 - Cap: 20,000 - Skyboxes: ?? - Adjacent Media Workspace: ??
    • St. Paul - XCel Center - Built 2000 - Cap: 18,000 - Skyboxes - 84 - Adjacent Media Workspace - RiverCentre Convention Center, Roy Wilkins Auditorium Complex
    • Minneapolis - Metrodome - Built 1982 - Cap: 30,000-40,000 - Skyboxes: 115 - Adjacent media Workspace: ??
  • New York- Madison Square Garden - Built 1968, Refurbished ~1995- Cap: 20,000 - Skyboxes: ?? - Adjacent Media Workspace: Farley Post Office?- Previous conventions: Dem '76, '80, '92, GOP '04
  • New Orleans - Superdome - Built 1975, Refurbished 2006 - Cap: 40-50,000 - Skyboxes: ?? - Adjacent Media Workspace: New Orleans Arena - Previous conventions: GOP '88
Minneapolis is proposing the Metrodome, the Target Center, and/or the XCel Center for the convention.

Notes: Adjacent workspace must be able to be in any security perimeter. (Javits Center in NY would not qualify). Some arenas, such as MSG in NY and Target Center in Minneapolis, have smaller separate theaters inside the building which can be used as media workspace. Capacities for domes assume curtained setup.

The Farley Post Office (adjacent to Madison Square Garden) was used to provide media workspace at the 2004 Republican Convention. It's not clear if the space will be available for a 2008 convention.


eb said...

Please look at the accessibility for people with disabilities at each site. Also note the unions involved with each site. What and where are the other venues to be used near by the main facilities? How about looking at the transportation and restaurant options near the sites.

Matt said...

Eb - Most of these facilities are relatively new or refurbished, and the Democrats always make sure the disabled access is taken care of, so I wouldn't expect that to be a problem.

Also, restaurant options are not really a factor, as as almost all food at these things is catered. (I fact, local resturants often lose business when the conventions come to town).

I'll try to get as much of the other information as I can.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis-St. Paul also have the XCel Center in St. Paul as a possiblity.

Anonymous said...

The Dolans (owners of MSG) are planning to renovate MSG. I don't know if that would effect the bid. They might put it at the Javits Center or Radio City Music Hall also.

Matt said...

Anon - The convention would never fit in Radio City, and putting it Javits would be very difficult. But regardless, the latest news I saw is that they're planning to build a new Garden 1 block to the rest, so I don't think the current MSG renovation is still planned.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone go to the Democratic Convention?