Monday, May 01, 2006

Insider report from the DNC Spring meeting

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This was sent to me by a DNC member who attended the DNC spring meeting in New Orleans:

The general feeling from everyone is that Denver has the thing locked up. While Minneapolis provided a magnificent breakfast, nothing compares to the celebration that was organized by Denver. I saw more key DNC members wearing Denver buttons than I could imagine. Congressman Mike Honda [of California, and vice-chair of the DNC] hinted that a Denver convention would be nice. Other party leaders all seemed to think the 2008 convention is on its way out west.

There was never any talk at all about the other cities. No one mentioned New Orleans at all. While it sure had the night life to please DNC members, it just didn't seem to phase anyone that it may be a convention city. The same goes with Detroit and New York. All are great cities, but everyone's minds seem to be locked up... Denver here we come!
While I think it's been clear that Denver has all the buzz, and should be considered the frontrunner to host the convention, don't forget that logistics and money will have a big effect on who will get the convention, and the other cities shouldn't be discounted yet.


Anonymous said...

Any indication when the Technical Advisory Committee will be visiting the cities?

Matt said...

The city visits should be between June through August. The next big event is the cities response to the RFP, which is due on May 19. In past years, this has been done with a lot of publicity.