Friday, May 09, 2008

Superdelegate Profile: Colorado DNC Member Debbie Marquez

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It's been a while since we've had a chance to introduce you to a superdelegate. Today it is our pleasure to profile Colorado DNC member Debbie Marquez who is an Obama supporter.

How long have you been a member of the DNC and how were you elected?

I have served as a DNC member since 2004 when I was elected for a four-year term at the Colorado State Convention. I am running for re-election this year - The delegates at the state convention in Colorado Springs on May 17th will have an opportunity to vote for three DNC committee members and I would appreciate their support. I am eager to have another four years to continue the work with the Hispanic DNC caucus and as a progressive voice at the DNC.

How do you feel about the existence of superdelegates and what do you say to our readers who think that the process is undemocratic.

I have faith that my DNC colleagues will abide by the voter preference in their states, which should result in the pledged delegate leader receiving the unpledged votes proportionately. So the outcome will not be to overturn the primary results. There are a few that are firmly committed to their candidate opposite their state or district results, but for the most part, the DNC members are voting with the people. Whether or not it’s an undemocratic process, I say, wait and see. I trust that the super delegates will abide by the will of the people in the end. And by the way, we are really not super! We're just regular people who are volunteering to serve to make the Democratic Party the best party it can be.

Are you doing any behind the scene work with he DNCC or Host Committee to prepare for the convention?

I am actively involved in the Hispanic Caucus convention committee where we are planning our caucus business meetings and a special event. I am currently working with the DNCC tech people to have our caucus agenda and information posted on the DNCC web page. We are hopeful that they will be able to offer our caucus and others a web presence to showcase the work done by the caucuses and the informative nature of the caucus meetings and to highlight the entire Hispanic delegation.

Can you tell me a few words about why you chose to endorse Obama?

Senator Obama has been a favorite of mine for some time. I remember when he first came to my attention as a candidate for US Senate. The blogosphere was all abuzz about the Illinois candidate with the funny name. Then hearing him speak in Boston at the 2004 convention – it was a Wow! Moment. I realized he was a very special person. I have been waiting for an inspiring candidate like Senator Obama for a long time. Why do I feel he is the best candidate? Change. Hope.Progress. "If we understand Obama's approach as a means, and not the limit of what he understands about American politics, it has great promise as a theory of change, probably greater promise than either "work for it" or "demand it," although we'll need a large dose of hard work and an engaged social movement as well." - by Mark Schmitt, American Prospect, Dec. 2007

How many conventions have you attended. What's your most memorable convention experience?

I was a delegate for VP Al Gore to LA in 2000. I attended the convention in Boston in 2004, not as a delegate, but as a DNC-elect member. Our term began and we are sworn in after the convention. It was my first meeting as a DNC member.

My most memorable moment in Boston was hearing Senator Obama speak. But I also love to attend the issue forums and encourage everyone to watch for them during convention week. It is so special to hear from leaders we usually only see on television. Many of the forums are open to the public and everything from health care to ending the war will be discussed.

How excited our you that Colorado is hosting the convention?

I am so excited!! It is a great opportunity to showcase our home state! I love my state, our culture, our traditions, our people. As with many SW Latino families, mine is from New Mexico and our 8 generations go back to the Spanish explorers to the 'new world'. I am very proud and excited for our state. The excitement generated by the Presidential candidates along with the national convention in Denver has generated an interest for Colorado Democrats never seen before. I can't wait to get past the state conventions, where my focus has been on re-election and nominating Senator Obama. Then I can focus on the DNCC and get out with the voters throughout the state.

How long have you been visiting Democratic Convention Watch and how did you first hear about us?

I learned of your wonderful web site from a story written at SquareState.Net, where I blog frequently. It has been a great service you are providing to the world and I thank you and your entire team for the work being done.

Thanks Debbie... we'll see you in August!


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