Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday summary

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And we thought yesterday was a big day...

Latest Superdelegate Endorsements:
DNC Joe Andrew (IN) switches from Clinton to Obama.
DNC John Patrick (TX) for Obama
Add-on Andrew Cuomo (NY) for Clinton
Add-on Tom DiNapoli (NY) for Clinton
Add-on Virginia Fields (NY) for Clinton
Add-on Carmen Arroyo (NY) for Clinton
DNC John Olsen (CT) for Clinton

Current count: Clinton: 265 Obama: 244

- Jimmy Carter added to the Pelosi Club.

- Maryland was originally supposed to name its add-ons today but it has been moved to Saturday. The process is that
the State Chair will pick at least two names for each add on delegate position, which is the voted on by the State Central Committee.

- Illinois will name its add-ons on Monday. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, Illinois House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger are slated to fill the spots. All three have endorsed Obama. The add-on list also contains information about future add-on selections.

- Our Guam Primary Results post will go live shortly. 4 delegates to be decided on by 6am Saturday.

- We'll be following the Special Elections on Saturday in LA-1 and LA-6.

An email from SC Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler urges South Carolina Convention delegates to vote for State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex on May 3 for SC add-on. A source tells DCW most people suspect Rex may support Obama.

- Washington Rep. Rick Larsen:

"Four days in Denver hiking and fishing, I'm all in," Larsen said. "Four days in Denver going to a convention? It's not at the top of my list." - Salon
Clinton backers protesting choice of New Mexico add-on.


debcoop said...

Last night was the reception for the Ny State Democratic Committee. I asked Herman "Denny" Farrell how it was that he's loisted as uncommitted....and he said that some blog whose had it wrong. He is a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton and has been for a long time.

I told him I would try to correct the record. I posted this last night at the blog Open Left.

So please add him into you rClinton total...which would make it 266.

If you need more verifiacation you may email me. Denny is a long time personal this is true information.

Matt said...

Debcoop - Please send us an email at the email address in the right sidebar. thanks.

debcoop said...

I sent it it. Pls reply somewhere that you received it.