Friday, May 02, 2008

Superdelegate Comments

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

In order to speed up the superdelegate list and relieve our commenters from the annoying error message that blogger can't seem to fix we've decided to make a change with superdelegate comments.

Please post all superdelegate comments here. As always... only comment on new or rumored superdelegate endorsements. All other comments should be in a relevant comment or in our Open Thread.


eja11950 said...

Phil Bredesen (TN), Gray Sasser (TN) and Inez Crutchfield (TN)all for Obama:

frstan said...

2 NC superdelegates solidify Obama support
Associated Press Writer
Posted: Jun. 3 10:01 p.m.
Updated: Jun. 3 10:19 p.m.

RALEIGH, N.C. — Two North Carolina superdelegates joined behind Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama late Tuesday, solidifying support as the Illinois senator secured his party's nomination.
David Parker, a Statesville attorney long courted by Obama and rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, said Obama will not only make North Carolina competitive, but a winner for the Democrats. The state hasn't voted for a Democratic president since 1976.
"It's time to focus on the finals instead of the regular season," Parker said. "It's time to get about the serious business about electing the next president of the United States."
Employment Security Commission official Muriel Offerman, who will wield another key superdelegate vote at the Democratic party convention, also backed Obama. Both formally declared their decisions after polls closed Tuesday night in Montana - the conclusion of a grueling primary season that featured two candidates trying to shatter race and gender barriers in the nation's top office.
"No matter how it went, this was going to be historical," Offerman said. "To see throughout this country the response of the people - the whole spectrum, but young people in particular - it's been very gratifying."

Oliver said...

Emanuel off the fence:

Oreo said...

We're starting to catch up.

If you want to let me know if you see any dupes or names that are on the uncommitted list that shouldn't be I'd appreciate it.

6-4-08 - Added Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD) for Obama
- Switched VP Walter Mondale (MN) from Clinton to Obama
- Added Sen. Frank Lautenberg (NJ) for Obama
- Added Gov. Phil Bredeson (TN) for Obama
- Added DNC Gray Sasser (TN) for Obama
- Added DNC Inez Crutchfield (TN) for Obama
- Added Rep. Rahm Emanuel (IL) for Obama

rich said...

Is the "With Florida and Michigan
(includes add-ons)" sidebar updated yet to reflect today's endorsements' ?

Matthew said...

William Jefferson (LA) needs to be moved from uncommitted to Obama.

Peter Zenger said...

It sure sounds like Sen. Tim Johnson (SD) is going with Clinton based on the results of the primary. I'm not sure if you want to consider this a change from Obama to Clinton.

"Aides to Johnson said he voted for Obama but would keep an earlier promise to support the winner of the state's primary if the nomination is still contested at the convention.

That outcome is unlikely, however, after Obama cinched the nod on Tuesday.

In a statement, Johnson said, "It is right that the voters of South Dakota were heard and made their feelings known."

Tim said...

U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle for Obama

Oliver said...

Two more Senators for Obama:

Ken Salazar (CO)

Tom Harkin (IA)

The latter article suggested that we may be hearing a more official announcement at 1 PM, along with Tom Carper (DE), Mary Landrieu (LA) and Barbara Boxer (CA).

rkw said...

Senator Cardin (MD) endorses Obama.

rkw said...

Rep Udall (NM) endorses Obama.

Matthew said...

Rep. Bob Brady (PA) needs to be moved from uncommitted to Obama. The rest of the uncommitted list is up to date with all the recent additions, including Jefferson who I see has now been moved.

Anonymous said...

Senator Kohl announces formally and Feingold confirms.

naiomi said...

Hi guys,

What a great job you are doing. I see Maxine Waters is still showing on the Clinton column...could you please move her? TIA.

Searching For Pericles said...

Fantastic job guys.

I noticed Nixon from MO endorsed Obama.

That's an add-on from MO, I beleive, boosting Obama to 27.5 in that category.

Ray said...

Shouldn't the split of DPL be 8.5, 8 after Walter Mondale's switch?
Thanks guys :)

Jaya said...

I seem to remember that there was some discussion yesterday about Ralph Dawson (NY) endorsing Obama. Can't seem to find the thread - but he is still listed as
uncommited on your list.
So many thanks for all your time.

MyFriends said...

DNC Hon. Karen Hale (UT) was for Clinton now for Obama,5143,700231684,00.html

Daivd said...

In the historical footnote department, the very next endorsement for Obama will give him the majority of delegates using Clinton's original proposals for Michigan and Florida. Seating Florida and Michigan per Clinton would have given Clinton 91 more delegates than she actually has, Obama 9 more (+38.5 in FL, -29.5 in MI), and uncommitted 55 more in MI. But DCW showed that at least 22 of those 55 were for Obama. So Obama's current 2173 delegates would increase by 9 + 22 = 31, to 2204. And the magic number under Clinton's approach would have been 2205.

Marc said...

the mondale link is not functioning; either dumps to google or some blank screen at

Stephen said...

Number of undeclared supers is currently showing as 132.5. It should be 133.5 if mu numbers are correct.

Oreo said...

Hale switched.

Please check Latest Endorsements or the superdelegate summary on the front page as we will not be commenting each time a super is added.

Jaya said...

The Governor category in both the listings in Superdelegates By Position need to be updated. One shows 4, the larger one shows 6 - BUT there are only 3 undeclared Govs.:)

Oreo said...

Note the last updated date on the supers by position table.

We will get it updated ASAP

MyFriends said...

DNC Edward Smith (IL) for Obama

It is unlikely his announcement will ever be official. i.e.

washerdreyer said...

I know you're really busy today and this might well be fixed by the time I post it, but as of now the sidebar shows 821.5 (409.5+281.5+130.5) total superdelegates, not 823.5.

Dan-in-upstate-NY said...

Sorry to be the one always bringing this up...but...the sidebar is off. Should be 410.5 (or 411.5 with Kohl added).

Oreo said...

Are you going by a count from a list you have? I'm wondering if you have somebody that we don't

Oreo said...

I just recounted and you're correct. Fixed

Thanks for your persistence ;)

Stephen said...

Somethings still wrong in the numbers of super delegates.


The total should be 823.5.

Eric said...

Rick Stafford (MN) is a DNC member not a representative.

Dan-in-upstate-NY said...

Sure thing, Oreo...this is fun!

So has Kohl been added yet or not? (I see him listed on one of the pages but not the other.)

Nate said...

In the article you quote for ken salazar, you also have a source for mark udall and john salazar.

Rodney said...

I think this letter is enough to switch Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA) to Obama:

eja11950 said...

Working link for Mondale:

lompe said...

David Strauss (ND) endorsed Obama today:

Dan-in-upstate-NY said...

Sidebar should be by one again...

(This is gettin' old, Oreo...!)

Oreo said...

I truly hope you're kidding.

I just counted the list twice and came up with 414.5

400 full supers
29 1/2 vote supers
= 414.5

Stephen said...


I don't think that is the problem. I think Clinton is up one more than she should be. Drop her down 1 and everything falls into line. My numbers here suggest you may not have deducted 1 from Clinton back on the Karen Hales switch.

Matthew said...

Found the missing superdelegate

Sam Lieberman (NV) is not on the endorsed or uncommitted list. He should be added to Obama and the sidebar would indeed update +1 for Obama

Oreo said...

Thanks... Lieberman was the problem.

He had been removed from the uncommitted list but not added for Obama.

Dan-in-upstate-NY said...

Yup, Matthew is right...and to think that I was beginning to doubt my own math (I thought that I had an "Al Wynn moment" of confusion or something)...

Stephen said...

Just to let you know ... my numbers are now back in sync.

eja11950 said...

DNC Cheryl Chapman (SD)endorses Clinton:,70324

"Today Cheryl Chapman, Vice Chairman of the state's Democratic Party, announced she will support Hillary Clinton because she won South Dakota."

frstan said...

Rep Jason Altmire (PA) for Obama

frstan said...

Claude "Buddy" Leach switches to Obama
[was uncomit until last wkend , then HRC, now Obama]

MyFriends said...

Rep. Susan Davis (CA) for Obama

frstan said...

Well now you see why I was asking for the sidebar to be kept up to date because people were looking at it and deciding things.

HRC will conceed Friday [NYT] -- forced by an angry Charley Rangel and the endorsement/desertion of Superdelegates to Obama.

Beleive me you had impact!

Leah Texas4Obama said...

Senator Clinton for Obama FRIDAY

Glenn said...

Some delegates are in Red, why? Don Bivens of AZ is not with the other delegates from AZ. Is that a mistake oe itentional?

Leah Texas4Obama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
grantcart said...

grantcart (DU) has endorsed Demconwatch

Blogosphere - grantcart joined hundreds of appreciative bloggers and readers in endorsing DEMCONWATCH today in a news conference.

"It's time to put the battle behind us and prepare for the General Election. Demconwatch has been carrying our water all these months so we wouldn't have to do our own spreadsheets. They have been impartial and efficient." Aides to grantcart admitted that the rumor that he had switched from another cite were not accurate and stated frankly, "no other cite could compare we just didn't want to endorse too early and have them let it go to their heads and party endlessly and not patiently keep track of all of the endorsements".

Thousands of people followed the daily updates at DU and from there and other sites Demconwatch provided a valuable service that reached throughout the country to all Democrats.

Matt said...

red names are a mistake - they will be fixed.

Grantcart - we are humbled by your switch, but were you Released by your previous web site.

All - Get your superdelegates endorsements in before midnight. The train is revving up and will be leaving the station...

Matt said...

- Added DNC Ivan Holmes (OK) for Obama
- Added Rep. Susan Davis (CA) for Obama
- Switched DNC Claude "Buddy" Leach (LA) from Clinton to Obama

Altmire's statement was too wishy-washy to add.
Never found a good enough source for Ralph Dawson.
We didn't get the press release on Ed Smith, so we wonder if it was somehow pulled back. So he wasn't added.

The engines are getting louder. The train is leaving the station at midnight EDT.

Leah Texas4Obama said...

From Obama's website - article regarding 28 supers endorsing today. Some quotes in there if you need them:


Matt said...

We are freezing this page for posterity as of June 4, 2008. We'll add the new add-ons to the add-on page. And we'll try to get links for all the endorsements. (We'll clean up the red links also). thanks!

frstan said...

Matt wrote Altmire's statement is too wishy-washy.
The link I cited contains ""A formal endorsement is no longer necessary," Mr. Altmire said. "The Democratic primary is over and I am going to support the nominee who was chosen by people who voted across all 50 states over the past five months. I expect the vote at the convention to be uncontested and that our party will be fully united behind Senator Obama.""

frstan said...

regarding freezing the page: The House and Senate Leadership had asked all to endorse their choice by Friday 6th

Peter said...

I don`t know how important it is to move superdelegates any more, but maybe a last "symbolic" move, could be to move Hillary Clinton for Obama?

"On Saturday, I will extend my congratulations to Senator Obama and my support for his candidacy"

"I will be speaking on Saturday about how together we can rally the party behind Senator Obama. The stakes are too high and the task before us too important to do otherwise."

rich said...

Matt said "We are freezing this page for posterity as of June 4, 2008."


That reminds me of the song by Jim Croce -- Time in a Bottle.

Great work by Matt, Oreo and all the supporting cast of contributing bloggers here !

DCW could just as aptly be phrased -- Democratic Conveyors of the Well-grounded.

iwuzsailor said...

regarding freezing superdelegate endorsement page. Will you no longer be posting any new or switched endorsements?

frstan said...

WASHINGTON (AP) — With the Democratic race for president decided, two more Washington state superdelegates are lining up behind presumptive nominee Barack Obama.
Former House Speaker Tom Foley and Rep. Jay Inslee say they will support the Illinois senator. Foley had been the last undecided superdelegate in Washington state, while Inslee had previously endorsed New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Foley's wife, Heather, says the former speaker spoke to Clinton's representatives Wednesday night to inform them of his decision. Spokeswoman Christine Hanson Clapp says Inslee spoke to Clinton on Thursday and told her he will formally endorse Obama on Saturday, just after she withdraws from the race .

The announcements by Foley and Inslee bring the total count of superdelegates in Washington state to 13 for Obama and four for Clinton.

note: this took place Wenesday night. Perhaps you will want to post it.

rottn1 said...

First of all, I want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job with this website.

But, with that said, I will be going through a withdrawal period now that the site is frozen. This has been one of the first websites I load in the morning for my latest updates. I always refreshed the site frequently throughout the day for the latest super endorsements. What will I do now?

Congratulations on a job well done.

rottn1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Numantine said...

Niki Tsongas has endorsed Obama:

"I am today pleased to announce my enthusiastic support for our presumptive nominee for president, Barack Obama," Tsongas said, in a conference call with reporters earlier today.

June 05, 2008 2:30 PM

Jeff in CA said...

What have the 3 remaining Pelosi club members done? (Nancy Pelosi, Denise Johnson, and Maria Cantwell) Have any of them made it official for Obama yet?

Dan-in-upstate-NY said...

Ted Strickland switches to Obama (scroll down to the 2:12pm stamp):

Matt said...

All right, folks, due to popular demand, we'll do a quick endorsement list this evening. We won't be updating our tables, but we'll include new numbers within the post. Thanks for all the appreciation today. - Matt

Ana said...

THANK YOU guys !!! It got so addicting watching the totals, I know, even though we already know that he won, it is just so satisfying to see these supers endorsing's like the cherry on top of the icecream...THANK YOU !!

tmess2 said...

Does anyone have any idea when we are going to hear from Kucinich and Biden?

Dan-in-upstate-NY said...

I know DCW isn't updating anymore, but I just can't help it...

Harry Reid for Obama:

Matt said...

We'll did a list last night, and we'll do one more tonight, so you can continue leaving updates here. While we won't update the main lists, we'll post the final list of superdelegates who were never heard from.

bEb said...

Is there an update who will get the vice presidency slot? Heard Hillary Clinton is urged to run the slot but Caroline Kennedy is a big name too. Just want some updates. Thanks guys!

tmess2 said...

beb, Caroline Kennedy is one of the three people appointed by Obama to run the search process. Democrats aren't Republicans so I doubt that any of the three people running the search will be the vp candidate.

Based on past cycles, I would expect Senator Obama to get an initial list of contenders from this search committee (say 50-60) in mid-June. He and the committee will discuss that list and (with some names not on the list added back in) will narrow it down to 20-30 people that they will ask to complete a questionaire or sign a release or some similar "vetting" process.

Based on the results of that vetting process, he and the committee will meet again near the end of June to develop a "short list" of 10 names or so that he will meet in person to discuss the possibility of them serving as his running mate.

After those meetings are done, he will announce a decision in mid-late July (sometime before the Beijing Olympics start).

Until then, you will hear lots of rumors about the process as people (both outside and inside the campaign) run names up the flagpole to test the public reaction.

Matt said...

Today's list, and the final list, has been posted:

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC)
Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC)
Sen. Jack Reed (RI)
Gov. Steve Beshear (KY)
Gov. Joe Manchin (WV)
DNC Nick Casey (WV)
Sen. Jack Reed (RI)
Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Garry Shay (CA) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Yolanda Caraway (DC) (switch from Clinton)
Rep. Jason Altmire (PA)

bEb said...

tnx tmess2 for the info!

Matt said...

Added Thursday and Friday superdelegates to the Latest Endorsement Notes page.

jcaesar91 said...

Campaign Awards

Best Campaign Manager David Ploufe

Worst Campaign Manager
Patti Solis Doyle

Best Strategist David Axelrod

Worst Strategist Mark Penn

Best Strategic Move-Obama

Caucus Strategy

Best Strategic Move-Clinton New Hampshire Crying Episode

Media Awards

Best Commercial Hillary 3AM ad

Best Lead Pundit Tim Russert

Best Supporting Pundit Rachel Maddow

Most in the Tank for Obama Keith Olberman

Most in the Tank for Clinton
All of CNN

Strangest Bedfellows

FOX and Clinton

Best Television Delegate Counter Chuck Todd

Best Internet Delegate Counter- Pledged The Green Papers

Best Internet Delegate Counter- Super Matt and Oreo

Best Coverage- New Media Huffington Post

SuperDelegates and Surrogates

Biggest Has been Bill Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro
Best Clinton Surrogate Terry McCauliffe

Best Obama Surrogate Tom Daschle
Most Valuable Non Endorser Nancy Pelosi

Best Timed Superdelegate Endorsement:
Bill Richardson

Most Courageous Superdelegate Bill Richardson, Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Most Gutless Joe Biden

Most Valuable Clinton Supporter Ed Rendell/Ted Strickland

Most Valuable Obama Supporter Tom Daschle/John Kerry

Most Confused
Endorser: Kevin Rodriguez, Virgin Island

Most Valuable Non Superdelegate John Edwards

Best Newcomer to the Scene Chelsea Clinton
Most Improved-Looks Chelsea Clinton


Most Important State Iowa, South Carolina

Most Exciting Contest Indiana, Texas

Most Exciting Day March 4 (Texas, Ohio)
Most Underrated Victory Potomac Primaries (Obama)
Final Awards

Best Comeback Tom Daschle
Lifetime Achievement Award: Ted Kennedy

maywood said...

How do we find out who the add ons endorsed..I know there are quite a few being decided on today.

Matt said...

If anyone has any of the add-on, leave comments on the add-on page - we'll try to get all the names in.

Matt said...

Mississippi add-on: Jim Hood - no endorse
Texas add-ons: "former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, who helped steer Obama’s campaign in Texas; Becky Moeller, president of the Texas AFL-CIO (and a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton); and Molly Beth Malcolm of Texarkana, a past chairwoman of the state party and Obama supporter."

Matt said...

Lenora Sorola-Polman is the new TX vice-chair and superdelegate, replacing Roy Laverne Brooks. Boyd Richie won reelection as TX chair.

Cd1234567891 said...

GREAT site. Very useful.

Has anyone determined how many Representative Superdelegates pledged their SD votes contrary to the majority of the voters/delegates in their respective congressional districts? And who are they?

DisgustedW/DNC said...

I do need too commend you on the wonderful job you folks have done keeping track of all this stuff.........Good Job. I know it's not your fault you are just doing your job

Jeff in CA said...

Just for the record, I compiled these news items of superdelegates switching their endorsements, as well as uncommitted superdelegates making a choice (or deciding not to). When combined with the new add-on endorsements (here), and including Hillary Clinton (who after all said, "I endorse"), by my count, Obama now has 500 superdelegate votes.


Debbie Stabenow makes final Michigan superdelegate switch from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama
Sunday June 08, 2008, 1:06 AM

LANSING -- All of the seven Michigan superdelegates who had backed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday they've switched their support to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Lt. Gov. John Cherry, Democratic National Committee member Joel Ferguson, U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and U.S. Reps. John Dingell of Dearborn, Dale Kildee of Flint and Sander Levin of Royal Oak said it's time to unite behind the party's nominee and begin campaigning for him in Michigan.

Obama now has 22 of Michigan's 27 superdelegates in his camp and was expected to collect two more on June 14 when the Democratic State Central Committee meets to pick the rest of the party's national convention delegates.

Remaining uncommitted are Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer and U.S. Sen. Carl Levin. ... Jeff Radjewski of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 58 said recently that he was leaning toward Obama and would make an endorsement when his union did.


Obama gains more Ky. support
3 uncommitted superdelegates sign on, want Clinton on ticket
By Joseph Gerth • • June 7, 2008

Kentucky's three uncommitted superdelegates cast their support yesterday to Sen. Barack Obama for president, then promptly called for Sen. Hillary Clinton to be Obama's running mate on the Democratic ticket.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Jennifer Moore and Vice Chairman Nathan Smith, the other previously uncommitted superdelegates, will also back Obama, according to the statement.

Beshear, Moore and Smith had delayed making their choice until after the final primaries earlier this week. Three other Kentucky superdelegates had previously endorsed Clinton, while two had backed Obama.

Yesterday, it appeared that at least one superdelegate supporting Clinton would switch to Obama.

Terry McBrayer, the former state Democratic Party chairman, said yesterday he hadn't been released by Clinton to support Obama, but he assumed that would happen today when Clinton formally endorses her opponent.

(Note: I have not found anything more about Terry McBrayer, so I am not counting him.)


Murray gets behind Obama
Monday, June 09, 2008
By The Columbian

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray of Washington announced her support for Sen. Barack Obama following the concession speech Saturday by Sen. Hillary Clinton. Murray joins fellow U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell as the last Clinton superdelegates in Washington state to switch their support to Obama in the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.


Boyda endorses Obama
By Scott Rothschild
June 11, 2008

Topeka — U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda, D-Topeka, on Wednesday made it official — she's endorsing Barack Obama for president.

Boyda and a handful of Democrats from more conservative congressional districts made headlines last week by staying uncommitted even after Obama clinched the party’s nomination over Hillary Clinton.

Boyda, a freshman, is preparing for a tough re-election bid in the district that runs from the northeast corner of Kansas to the southeast corner, and includes western Lawrence. She will face either State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, or former Rep. Jim Ryun, who she narrowly defeated in 2006.

Liz Montano, a Boyda spokeswoman, said Boyda has always said she would back the Democratic nominee.
She said she decided to announce her support of Obama now because his campaign has promised to focus on all 50 states instead of only so-called swing states.

Montano said Boyda still plans to skip the Democratic National Convention in Denver so she can work in the district. “She’d rather be doing her day job,” she said.

North Carolina

Superdelegate Peterson set to cast vote for Obama

CLARKE MORRISON – Superdelegate Carol Peterson has thrown her support behind Barack Obama following Hillary Clinton’s withdrawal from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Peterson, a Fairview resident and Buncombe County commissioner, said she decided over the weekend to cast her ballot for Obama at the Democratic National Convention in August for the sake of party unity.
“I’m for the candidate that has the strongest backing from the Democratic Party, and obviously that’s Sen. Obama,” she said.

With the decision, Peterson parts company with Western North Carolina’s only other superdelegate, U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler, who decided to back Clinton when the former first lady carried the most votes in his congressional district in the May 6 North Carolina presidential primary.


United Auto Workers union endorses Obama for president

Associated Press - June 10, 2008 8:53 PM ET
LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Barack Obama is picking up a major labor endorsement. The United Auto Workers international executive board tossed its support to the presumptive Democratic candidate.
Union President Ron Gettelfinger said in a news release that Obama has given the country a positive vision for a better America and concrete plans to achieve it, including a pledge to rebuild the country's manufacturing base and assist the auto industry.

In part, Gettelfinger praises Obama for understanding "the need to change our trade policies so that U.S. workers and U.S. companies can compete fairly in the global economy."

The Obama campaign says the endorsement also means that two uncommitted Michigan superdelegates are now Obama superdelegates. Both UAW Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Bunn and retired union Vice President Richard Shoemaker had remained uncommitted until today's endorsement.

And now for those who will not sing:

Florida, Georgia

Obama faces reluctant support from his own party

TALLAHASSEE — U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd, D-Fla., a leader of the conservative Blue Dog caucus in Congress, said today he will vote for Sen. Barack Obama but shied away from endorsing his party’s candidate for president.

“I have never endorsed a candidate in a presidential race and I won’t now,” Boyd said in an interview. “I’ve got a race of my own and I’ll stay focused on that. That’s my job, to represent the interests of my folks.”

Since clinching the nomination last week, Obama has run into some reluctance among congressional Democrats.

Rep. David Boren, the only Democratic congressman from Oklahoma, said Tuesday the Illinois senator does not have a record of bipartisan work in Congress. Rep. Tim Mahoney, D-Fla., a first-term member targeted by Republicans in a GOP-leaning district, said he will remain an uncommitted “superdelegate” but might not attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall refused to say whether he considers Obama better qualified than McCain.


Two Democratic Politicians Won't Endorse Barack Obama
Posted 6/10/08

Two congressional Democratic politicians and superdelegates refuse to endorse Barack Obama. Dan Boren (D-Ok.) and Tim Mahoney (D-Fl.), both say they will not endorse Barack Obama.

New Hampshire

John Milne: Obama, McCain will battle for New Hampshire votes
Published: June 11, 2008 08:03 am

Obama will need Gov. John H. Lynch, the state's most popular Democrat, to campaign actively. Lynch is a still-uncommitted superdelegate who has declined to endorse either Democrat; he has previously waited until his own re-election was in the bag before offering help to other Democrats. Asked last Wednesday if he would campaign for Obama and other Democrats, Lynch replied: "We'll have time to focus on political matters at a subsequent date."

Lynch has been elected twice with bipartisan support and enjoys the backing of nearly as many independents as Democrats. In 2006, he waited until October to get involved in electing Democrats to state offices and enjoyed a historic victory.

Jeff in CA said...

Update: Obama has 503 SD votes
7 DNC Leaders Endorse Obama
Unity, by golly
If it didn't sink in during Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's endorsement of his candidacy this past weekend, it surely must now that the elected officers of the Democratic National Committee - vice chairs Lottie Shackelford, Linda Chavez Thompson, Rep. Mike Honda, Susan W. Turnbull, secretary Alice Germond, treasurer Andrew Tobias and finance chair Philip Murphy - have together officially endorsed Sen. Barack Obama to be the next commander in chief.

DCW had 478 for Obama when they froze their count on 6/6. Then,

6/6: DNC David Hardt endorsed Obama
6/7: Sen. Hillary Clinton endorsed Obama
6/7: Sen. Patty Murray switched from Clinton
6/7: Sen. Maria Cantwell switched from Clinton
6/7: 7 MI superdelegates switched from Clinton (3.5 votes)
6/7: Uncommitted SDs Jennifer Moore and Nathan Smith endorsed Obama
6/7 - 6/8: Add-ons selected - 6 endorsed Obama, 3 Clinton
6/10: Uncommitted MI SDs Shoemaker and Bunn endorsed Obama (1 vote)
6/11: Uncommitted Rep. Nancy Boyda endorsed Obama
6/11: Uncommitted SD Carol Peterson endorsed Obama
6/12: 7 DNC leaders endorsed Obama (6.5 votes)

So 478 + 25 = 503.

(The 500 number I had above was wrong. I had counted the 7 MI switchers at 1 each.)

Jeff in CA said...

Becky Moeller, a Texas add-on, on June 8 switched from Clinton to Obama.
504 for Obama

Jaya said...

ME's Gov John Baldacci switched his endorsment from HRC to BO on June 7. He will be going to BO's
governor's meeting in Chicago. Here is Boston Globe siting:

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Without an answer from the campaign, we hope you don’t mind if Moses Mecado steps in as a possible interim navigating an answer. Given the integral Mexican-American involvement, ethnic heritage of the principals involved. That would include i.e. Patti Solis Doyle, my own Mexican heritage, my volunteerism helping our dedicated community promote education by advancing cultural understanding and quality of life for Mexican Americans.

I asked Super delegate Mecado’s help in getting either a yes or no answer, anything, a one word phone message, just the slightest consideration for those of us on the other side left hanging.

Giving our space and time, we all volunteer working to improve our community. We produce the annual Fiestas Patrias celebrations, Cinco de Mayo and downtown 16 de Septiembre. We develop, operate chemical recovery programs, and assist more than 150 community organizations with their efforts. For twenty-five years, we have provided scholarships to promising Hispanic American and Hispanic high school grads. We've raised more than $1.2 million to help these youngsters get to college.

We want to make it on our own without any moaning. Obviously, we do not agree with Moses who wants to pursue, press a grievance against HRCC. Moses argues that Hispanic leaders should feel aggrieved at the removal of Mexican-American campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle.

Finally, if you can, will not, provide direction, I will understand. That said, would you consider possibly looking over the two ATTACHED lists. We had planned to use the majority of our sudden abundance of unused time to enlist the aid of other who may be able to help us with the fact. Might you please take a minute, peruse the names. Point us in a direction finding a name, a viable starting point. We would appreciate any help.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

certain confused souls believe because the Clinton delegates are moslty in smaller type the list would really be as long. as Obama's

could someone do a font fix so its clear.?
is a site spreading propaganda and will not allow open exchange of information..

also supporting mccain..!!!!!!

Matt said...

I think all the font issues are fixed, but we may have missed one or two. Let us know.

Jaya said...

In re: Gov. Baldacci (ME). Just realized that you would not take just the Boston Globe URL posted earlier. First (dated) announcement derived from AP report

An AP report

Not sure where you are posting these - nor if you are separating the endorsers coming from the "uncommitted list" from those that are switching from HRC to BO

And again thanks for the past many months!!

Matt said...


We're not making any more changes to the lists. They are frozen as of the night before Clinton announced her endorsement.

Jaya said...

Matt - Just posted some info under Senate Forecast. I didn't see a way to preview it before it is posted so I could catch some typos etc. Sure would like to know how in the future to see the comment before I send my howlers along. Am posting this on the frozen site and not sure you will catch it. But at least it won't be perused much.

Many thank.

Matt said...

Some superdelegate changes have been made in the Superdelegate Ups and Downs post.