Thursday, March 27, 2008

Connecticut names Obama supporter as add-on

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Wednesday was Connecticut's turn to name it's add-on superdelegate:

The Connecticut Democratic superdelegate ranks are complete with the selection of State Senate President Pro Tem Donald E. Williams, D-Brooklyn....he is a leader of the Obama campaign in Connecticut.
More specifically, Williams is co-chair of Barack Obama's Connecticut Leadership Council along with Ned Lamont, and we will be adding him to the Obama column.


Hope 4 Obama said...

Twenty Five members of Indiana's House and Senate endorsed Obama this a.m. ( Are any of these folks superdelegates:
Senator Earline Rogers - Gary

Senator Tim Lanane - Anderson

Senator Lindel Hume - Princeton

Senator John Broden - South Bend

Representative Dennis Avery - Evansville

Representative Jeb Barden - Indianapolis

Representative John Bartlett - Indianapolis

Representative Charlie Brown - Gary

Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon - Munster

Representative Bill Crawford - Indianapolis

Representative Dave Crooks - Washington

Representative John Day - Indianapolis

Representative Chet Dobis - Merrillville

Representative Ryan Dvorak - South Bend

Representative Dale Grubb - Covington

Representative Phil Hoy - Evansville

Representative Linda Lawson - Hammond

Representative Scott Pelath - Michigan City

Representative Matt Pierce - Bloomington

Representative Greg Porter - Indianapolis

Representative Scott Reske - Pendleton

Representative Vernon Smith - Gary

Representative Russ Stilwell - Boonville

Representative Vanessa Summers - Indianapolis

Representative Trent Van Haaften - Mount Vernon