Thursday, March 27, 2008

Connecticut names Obama supporter as add-on

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Wednesday was Connecticut's turn to name it's add-on superdelegate:

The Connecticut Democratic superdelegate ranks are complete with the selection of State Senate President Pro Tem Donald E. Williams, D-Brooklyn....he is a leader of the Obama campaign in Connecticut.
More specifically, Williams is co-chair of Barack Obama's Connecticut Leadership Council along with Ned Lamont, and we will be adding him to the Obama column.


Hope said...

Twenty Five members of Indiana's House and Senate endorsed Obama this a.m. ( Are any of these folks superdelegates:
Senator Earline Rogers - Gary

Senator Tim Lanane - Anderson

Senator Lindel Hume - Princeton

Senator John Broden - South Bend

Representative Dennis Avery - Evansville

Representative Jeb Barden - Indianapolis

Representative John Bartlett - Indianapolis

Representative Charlie Brown - Gary

Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon - Munster

Representative Bill Crawford - Indianapolis

Representative Dave Crooks - Washington

Representative John Day - Indianapolis

Representative Chet Dobis - Merrillville

Representative Ryan Dvorak - South Bend

Representative Dale Grubb - Covington

Representative Phil Hoy - Evansville

Representative Linda Lawson - Hammond

Representative Scott Pelath - Michigan City

Representative Matt Pierce - Bloomington

Representative Greg Porter - Indianapolis

Representative Scott Reske - Pendleton

Representative Vernon Smith - Gary

Representative Russ Stilwell - Boonville

Representative Vanessa Summers - Indianapolis

Representative Trent Van Haaften - Mount Vernon