Friday, March 28, 2008

Texas County Conventions Q&A

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The Dallas Morning News has a helpful Q&A on the Texas County Conventions being held tomorrow:

We already had caucuses. What gives?

The county conventions are the second step in determining delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. On March 4, 126 delegates were selected during the primary process.

On Saturday, 7,298 delegates will be selected from a pool of about 88,000 to move on to the June state convention in Austin. The June convention will determine the 67 delegates who will be sent to Denver via the caucus and convention process.


Can pledged delegates change their minds at the county conventions?

Yes. Supporters of both candidates say they have heard tales of people being lured from one camp to the next. But don't expect any big shifts.

After Saturday, will we know who has the most pledged caucus delegates?

We hope so. Both campaigns are expected to keep count. The results could also be given out at the conventions, though someone must take a canvass to get a statewide total.

We'll try to have results here tomorrow.

Update: Burnt Orange Report is planning major coverage this weekend.


Dink Singer said...

I received an email from Boyd Richie the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party last evening warning that:

"Unfortunately, that enthusiasm may sometimes lead people to act irresponsibly. We have heard reports that misinformation is being spread about tomorrow's County and Senate District Conventions, perhaps using the name of the Texas Democratic Party. Some delegates have reported receiving emails saying that conventions have been cancelled. We have also heard unconfirmed reports that someone is placing robo-calls, claiming to be from the Texas Democratic Party, suggesting that county or district conventions have been cancelled.

The Texas Democratic Party has not been informed that any county or district convention has been cancelled or postponed. If you have heard otherwise, please plan on attending your convention as scheduled unless you receive information from your Democratic County Chair or the official Texas Democratic Party website."

Baldwin Park Democrat said...

Wow, Texas sure has a screwed up primary system. In might be 2009 before we know who actually won LOL. Seriously, Texas and a whole bunch of other States need to streamline and simplify their primary processes.