Wednesday, March 26, 2008

College Democrats also coming to Denver

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The College Democrats of America have their convention every 4 years in the DNCC host city just before the big show, and this time is no exception:

With the youth vote surging this year, we are expecting a very large attendance at the annual College Democrats of America Convention. So if you want to go to Denver, start planning now! Here are the details: The CDA Convention begins Friday, August 22nd. Most of the CDA portion of the programming will be over by Sunday, August 24th but lots of events will continue through the Democratic National Convention. Both events will officially end on Thursday, August 28th.

Everyone is encouraged to stay for the College Democrats of America Convention (which will have most of its events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and for the Democratic National Convention (which begins Monday and ends on Thursday). For those who were at our 2004 CDA Convention which overlapped the Democratic Convention in Boston, this year will be exactly the same. During the Democratic National Convention we will host all sorts of panels, parties, and events.

Registration is limited and housing is even more limited. If you have housing options available to you in Denver, secure them now. Know a friends couch you can stay on? Great. Otherwise CDA has dorms that will be available for students from Friday, August 22 to Thursday, August 28th. Prices and registration will be up on on shortly.
And an invitation from CDA President and Superdelegate Lauren Wolfe: