Monday, March 24, 2008

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

We know we've come a long way from the early days in January when we started our Superdelegate Lists. Back then most people didn't know what a superdelegate was. Now it's hard to go anywhere without hearing about them.

Today we received a press release from a mystery DNC member announcing the start of

DNC Member Launches Website Exclusively Covering Superdelegates” Debunks Myths, Answers User Questions and
Provides Insight on Nomination Process
For Immediate Release
March 24, 2008 ( Washington , DC ) – is a site authored by an undeclared Superdelegate, and seeks to debunk urban myths about who Superdelegates are and how they are engaging in the nomination.
People have lots of questions about Superdelegates, and on has a complete series on debunking myths - popular yet incorrect notions about the process.
they can ask and receive unfiltered answers. – which redirects to the more concise “” domain – also provides links to news stories and data to support claims made on the site.
Current blog posts address Florida & Michigan elections and the non-viable ideas of a primary or convention just for Superdelegates. The site claims that “There are no undecided Superdelegates – only undeclared ones.”
The site is well worth a visit.

There Are No Undecided Super Delegates

DecisionOr at least, there are very few of them. The majority of undeclared Supers are just that - undeclared. It doesn't mean they don't have a clear preference. Keep that in mind when people are talking about the need for the candidates to lobby or not lobby the Supers more often. Because the truth is, it's really not that necessary.

You say Superdelegate, I say Super Delegate

Potato_tomato Pet Peeve: the spelling of Super Delegate. I wonder what William Strunk would have to say? I prefer the two-word phrasing "Super Delegate" as opposed to the invented one-word "Superdelegate," because I don't think it's a real word. If anyone knows a reference tool that can verify the appropriate term that would be helpful.

Maybe we should trademark the word superdelegate? We've used it enough as one word... and lots of people consider our blog a reference tool.

And to answer the questions that will inevitably be raised:
1. Yes this is from an actual DNC member
2. No... we will not tell you who it is.


math 101 said...

thank you DCW and thank you DNC member X. hmmm that might sound like a wise-@@@ comment sorry wasnt intended as such.

math 101 said...

umm quick question if i find the time to post on the above link. can someone figure out a respectful way to start a question something like (no idea just a math student no great gift at words)

dear anonymous elected official (possibly wrong it could be an add on for all i know or almost anything)

dear public servant (stuck up)

or something like this thank you for spending your time answering questions (tip post links to this site i think they are doing a god job) in your more than likely limted free time (and your staffs (thank them for me))

yea well this looks like it was written by a third grader. (sorry)

PS to all bloggers please respect the rules the blog-masters set up. they are doing it so the world has information that is accurate. (i fully expect some will not respect the rules and they will be themselves without caring that these services are being provided gratis.

Travis said...

Well I have narrowed Mr.Super down to three people :p