Friday, March 28, 2008

Life as a Super

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'Morning all - Mr Super here from Me and the boys at DCW thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse of life as a Super.

For starters, it used to be a dull existence. My life is very routine. Wake up, coffee, read the papers. Get dressed, get to work. I asked a friend who house sat for me last year if they had learned anything about me while living in my house. "Yeah," this person said. "That you're boring." Then this Super Delegate thing came along.

This Super Delegate part of our duties, it's always been there - it's just never meant much. Like the tonsils of our job description.

So you could say life is different now. Whereas I used to read the morning dailies, I now speak to the writers of the morning dailies. I used to listen to radio, now I speak to the radio reporters. There's been some cable TV inquires, foreign press and Internet folks, too (ironically, I don't read that many blogs). I'm not always quoted, which is fine by me. No photoshoots for Esquire.

But I bring this up to echo what I say to reporters - that Supers are normal people. We're not Washington "fat cats." We don't dine on caviar and drive Cadillacs. My neighbor was talking to me about the election the other day, and he made a comment about the Supers. He knew I was on the DNC, but didn't connect that to me also being a Super.

But I will admit - it is a little fun. :)


sunkissed said...


I just wanted to thank you for your lighthearted perspective. I have read your snip-its daily since introduced by DCW but I can't figure out how to leave a comment so I will just tell you here.

Having been diagnosed as having PEF (primary election fatigue) by Mr. Cafferty on CNN some weeks ago, I have decided to take a step back, breath deeply, don't get so excited, maybe take a different approach when deciding who I want to lead my party against Sen. McCain in Nov. This is what I have come up with:

I heard somewhere that presidents age in dog years while in office. Seeing that you have procured pictures of the candidates when they were young...what are the odds that you know a forensic aging specialist that could show me what the candidates may look like in, say, 28yrs(4 dog years)? Not that my entire decision will be based on this...but it might come down to it.

By the way, if you could have this (as well as your other assignment) completed by July 1st, I'd appreciate it. That would give us ample time to 'age' Sen. McCain, circulate that picture and thus win the election in Nov.

Mr Super said...

Thanks for the note and for the kind words. You might get a kick out of knowing that Cafferty was visiting the site the other day as well.

As for the images...hmm...that would be interesting. Forensic aging isn't my specialty, though!