Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Michigan revote looking less likely

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Looks like Michigan isn't going to revote either:

Senate Democrats emerged from a closed-door caucus this morning and proclaimed that a fledging idea floated by top Michigan Democrats to create a special June 3 primary election is all but dead."The votes aren't there to do it," said Sen. Buzz THOMAS (D-Detroit), the co-chair of the Barack OBAMA campaign in Michigan

Sen. Gretchen WHITMER, a supporter of Hillary CLINTON, also conceded the chances of a June 3 redo of the Democratic presidential primary were slim. She stopped short of declaring it dead, saying instead that it was "on life support" and in need of CPR.

But the Clinton campaign, realizing Michigan is critical to their efforts to catch Obama in the delegate count, is not giving up:
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is adding a quick trip to Detroit to her Wednesday campaign schedule in a high-profile push for a primary contest re-vote there so Michigan’s delegates are counted in the Democratic nomination fight. “We will go and make the case for a re-vote,” said Mo Elleithee, a Clinton spokesman.

See Florida and Michigan By The Numbers to see how the delegate math plays out in the different scenarios.