Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Democrats keep IN-7

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In a race that took longer to call than it should have, Andre Carson kept IN-7 in the Democratic column, beating Republican Jonathon Elrod by 53%-44%.

Carson, the grandson of previous Rep. Julia Carson, has been a member of the Indianapolis City-County Council. And, of course, he becomes the 796th superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Update: 796 we hardly knew ye. With Spitzer's resignation we're back to 795.


JayZed said...

Has Carson publicly endorsed either candidate yet?

Matt said...

Not to our knowledge. It's been suggested he will stay undeclared until Indiana's primary.

Carrie said...

Before he does, I'd just like to say - either way, it's very cool that another democrat picked up a seat. HOORAY!