Monday, March 17, 2008

Interested in joining DCW?

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

We're looking for a new blogger to join the team here at 2008 Democratic Convention Watch. Must have experience blogging, be a partisan Democrat, but be able to stay neutral in your posts on a certain presidential nomination contest. Must also have the ability to post during daytime hours, especially when news breaks.

You'll be quizzed on who the add-on delegates from Tennessee are, why Ken Curtis should have never left Maine, what hotel will the Michigan delegation be staying at if they are seated, when did Joe Lieberman really lose his superdelegate status, and why Mike Bloomberg didn't really want the Democratic Convention in New York. Just kidding. Sort of...

Send an email to us (email address in the right sidebar), and include a couple of links to your blog posts. (Diaries or even extensive comments at Kos or other sites are fine).