Friday, March 21, 2008

Convention preparations: On track, but fundraising lags

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Two different takes on the preparations for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. First, from the Roll Call, via the DNCC:

"'The nuts and bolts, the logistics of the convention are the logistics, regardless of the nominee,' said Leah Daughtry, chief executive officer for the Democratic National Convention. 'On Aug. 25, we have to be ready. We don't get another day. We're planning to be ready in that hall when that gavel drops.'

"Daughtry said organizers got off to 'an early start' with the selection of the convention dates and location. Also, she said party officials continue to be 'on pace or ahead of pace in terms of planning and logistics.'

"Much of the preparation has been under way for months, with national Democrats working to make available lodging, transportation and convention space for the thousands of visitors to Denver. Most of that work can be done without the presidential nominee in place, but the candidate typically teams with national party players well in advance to put his or her stamp on the overall message, framework and program for the four-day event.
But raising money is proving to be difficult:
The long and winding fight for the Democratic presidential nomination is giving a fundraising migraine to the Mile High City.

As the host city, Denver must raise $40.6 million by June 16 for the party's Aug. 25-28 convention. This week, the host committee missed its second fundraising deadline, and Mayor John W. Hickenlooper said he believed the drawn-out battle between Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois had distracted potential donors.

"I think there's still so much focus around who the candidate will be that it is hard for people" to focus on the convention, he said.
Denver's host committee fell $5 million short of its goal to raise $28 million by March 17.

Conventions always have problems raising money, and the tight nomination race is going to continue to draw money away from the convention. We'll keep an eye on this.


math 101 said...

how much have they raised at this point?

Matt said...

I added the info to the post.

math 101 said...

wow you are quick
matt i just wanted to say i tried and failed to turn the guide to DCW into a thank you thread. well i will say it again thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hockeypuck said...

Say guyz..

Speaking of the convention..

..and speaking of delegates..

..and speaking of superdelegates..

..and speaking of Michigan..

..and speaking of Florida..

..and speaking of every other state in the nation..

I've just gotta ask....


I don't mean to put him down or anything.. but I haven't seen him in the media for at least a week or two.

Has he made any recent comments or he's he keeping a low-profile right now? :-/

Unknown said...

This is just the type of story that I expected. As I stated in my letter to Howard Dean, the longer this Democratic primary race drags on, that is where people's attention will be focused. I, personally, am donating my money, at this time, to help my candidate get the nomination, and that's where it will go until that happens.

What part of this problem don't they understand?