Friday, March 07, 2008

Superdelegates Are People Too - David Holmes (TX)

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In our continuing series Superdelegates are People Too we are trying to put faces to the 794 names we have on our lists.

Today we introduce you to David Holmes, a 34 year old superdelegate from Austin TX. David works in the Texas State Legislature and serves on the Democratic National Committee.
Mr. Holmes feels that it's important that young people are a part of the DNC Leadership and has announced that he will not run for another term with the DNC so that someone under 35 can take his spot.

"I am asking the leaders of our party and all of you who become delegates to the next convention to help me start a new tradition. The seat I currently hold should be designated a youth seat in the same manner in which the other seats are designated. Youth participation is too important not to make that happen."
He will remain a member of the DNC until after the convention so he will not lose his superdelegate status.

David does a podcast called Democrats of Texas (DOT) which covers all of the latest news in Texas politics. Along with his podcast friends David wrote a song called Superdelegateman which you can listen to below. He makes sure to say on the DOT website that they were sober when they wrote it.

We exchanged emails with David yesterday and asked him some questions about his experience as a superdelegate. He e-mailed us to let us know that he's a fan of our site.
How long have you been a member of the DNC? How were you first elected?
I was elected to the DNC in Texas eight years ago. When I was elected, I was the youngest member to ever have been elected from any state. Thankfully, for the health of our party, younger members have now been elected in addition to those automatically on the DNC due to their role in College or Young Democrats.

Texas has ten elected DNC members. When I first ran, I did so only to make a statement: The Democratic Party needs young people in its leadership. I didn't think I could win.

How do you feel about the existence of superdelegates and what do you say to our readers who think that the process is undemocratic.
Ultimately, I think the number of superdelegates needs to be reduced, but I do understand the role they were meant to play, including the assurance of every element of the Democratic party is represented powerfully. In the last two years of my eight on the DNC, I have traveled the country at my own expense to fulfill my role of representing Texas on the DNC. In that time I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know each of the candidates, their staff, and advisers. That gives me a different perspective - a valuable perspective.

Do you have plans to do any sightseeing outside of Denver while you're here?
I have some friends there I'd love to see. But the way things are going, I have a feeling there will be little time for sightseeing.

Can you tell me a few words about why you chose to endorse Hillary Clinton?
Simply, I am supporting Hillary because I know who she is and how she will behave in office. I trust her and know how she will behave in a crisis. I understand that a lot of people hate her, but I don't understand why. I think she is a strong leader who understands the way Washington works and will be able to work effectively to repair our reputation in the world and get our economy back on the right track.

Have you been to a convention before? If so, do you have any good stories we can pass on to our readers?
I have been to the last two national conventions, and even though there was not the contest there that we have the potential for this year, I'd say, "Get to the convention somehow, someway." It is an incredible, electric experience of which I have found the equal nowhere. There is something about the mashing together on the floor of the crowded convention for several days of all the elected officials, national media pundits, candidates, and regular people. Get there as a delegate, a volunteer, or something.
You can watch David Holmes being interviewed on CNN here. David has also done several blog posts at The New Republic and has been interviewed by The Dallas News and Austin's CBS affiliate KEYE.


Bill UK said...

I fully respect David Holmes' choice, but I must point out one area where I think he has misjudged the situation. Hillary Clinton is loathed outside of the US, and this is especially true in Europe where the only major country to really want her elected as President is Russia.

But, speaking from the UK, that is just our take on things generally over here.

Good of Davis Holmes to give the interview.

J-zig said...

Well, it's a good thing he isn't running again. Austin went heavy for Obama. It's a name I would remember on the ballot, should it appear again.

Unknown said...

David Holmes is a person of absolute ingrity who has never done anything but promote the interests of the Democratic Party.

He has a bright future.

Steve Speir
Austin, Tx.

Unknown said...

Every super delegate I have heard of has their own agenda and this elected posititon entitles them to abuse the will of the people. I don't think we need super delegates at all if they only serve themselves. Obama should have more super delegates than Hillary, in Texas our will is not being carried forth. Unlike the commentators I do believe it was the republican vote that gave her the false primary vote. Caucus attendance proves it.