Monday, March 17, 2008

Michigan Governor Granholm proposes a June 3rd primary

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Ben Smith at Politico is reporting that Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is calling for a June 3rd Primary.

"Designate June 3, 2008 as the date of a state presidential primary election in Michigan. The election would be conducted in the same manner as a regular election in Michigan, except for procedures specific to presidential primaries such as party ballot selection. "
Montana and South Dakota's primaries will also be held on June 3rd. These would be the final primaries of the season unless Florida jumps in at a later date. Update - Florida will not have a revote

You can get a better feel for how Michigan and/or Florida could change the race in our Florida and Michigan by the numbers tracker should they decide to have a revote.
One other thing to keep an eye on is the fact that Obama only trails Clinton by one delegate should Michigan and Florida's primaries stand as-is.


Unknown said...

Will ALL democrats be able to vote? How about the voters who had to cross party lines in order to have their vote count, by voting republican in the earlier election? How about voters who abstained from voting in the 'illegal' election? How about Independents?

Who is going to be allowed the privilege of voting, this time?

sgifford said...


The rumor is that anybody who did not vote in the Republican primary will be eligible to vote in the Democratic re-vote.

This isn't ideal, since many Michigan Democrats (including me) voted in the Republican primary. The Democratic party and candidates had made it clear our votes would be meaningless, and we believed them and so decided to do something meaningful with our vote.

However, even with rules that prevent me from voting, it still seems like this is the best solution to a bad situation.

I have written up more on the Michigan primary situation at, you can go there if you'd like to learn more.

Unknown said...

I remember reading that states who held primaries later got bonus pledged delegates. Was that true or am I just imagining things? If it is true, does Michigan get the bonus delegates for having a late primary?

hockeypuck said...

Kudos to Scott!

I'm so happy to see someone finally bring up the fact that many (LOTS) of Democrats crossed over to vote for Romney. (Just as Limbaugh is doing in order to give votes to HRC)

When the MSM talks about all the votes she received, they never bring that little tidbit up.

Go Redwings BTW!

Matt said...

Louis - technically Michigan would be eligible for bonus delegates, but I would bet as part of the deal with the DNC they don't get them.