Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Convention volunteer hopefuls be on the lookout for an email to update your profile

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Just got this from the Host Committee. If you plan on volunteering for the convention it looks like you'll need to reapply so that you are entered into their new system.

The Host Committee is enhancing its volunteer file. Over the next several weeks each volunteer in our data base will receive an email asking him/her to go to a linked web site. This email will include instructions on how to log in and how to add information to our files. A few volunteers have already been contacted to test this new system. Now we are ready to phase in all our volunteers, but not all at once.

Watch for your email and when it comes, it is important to follow directions and fill out the new volunteer profile form. It will allow you to let us know what type of jobs you're interested in and what days and time of day you're generally available.

It also allows the Host Committee's volunteer coordinators to match volunteers, like Marie Baumunk shown above working the Host Committee's office phones, with jobs that suit them as well as fill jobs deemed critical by the Host Commitee.

This is an important step we're taking to organize the volunteer base. So remember, keep an eye out for that email and respond as soon as you can.
It doesn't say exactly when they plan on sending the emails but I would say if you don't get one in the next few weeks you might want to check into it.