Friday, January 11, 2008

Superdelegate Endorsement Notes

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This list is frozen as of June 6.

We began noting all of our additions, changes and deletions on January 11th. In order to reduce the clutter on the Superdelegate list we will only keep a couple of days' worth of notes on the list.

You can see all of the superdelegates that have endorsed a candidate here

All remaining uncommitted superdelegates can be viewed here.

Dates shown are when we added the endorsement which doesn't necessarily mean the endorsement was made on that day.

All endorsements for Obama:
Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC)
Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC)
Sen. Jack Reed (RI)
Gov. Steve Beshear (KY)
Gov. Joe Manchin (WV)
DNC Nick Casey (WV)
Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Garry Shay (CA) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Yolanda Caraway (DC) (switch from Clinton)
Rep. Jason Altmire (PA)

All endorsements for Obama:
Former House Speaker Tom Foley (WA) (switch from Clinton)
Rep. Jay Inslee (WA) (switch from Clinton)
Rep. Nikki Tsongas (MA)
Gov. Ted Strickland (OH) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Billi Gosh (VT) (switch from Clinton)
DNC Richard Ray (GA)
DNC Dick Cranwell (VA)
Rep. Diana DeGette (CO) (switch from Clinton)
Rep. Zach Space (OH)
DNC Chris Redfern (OH)
Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (FL)*
Rep. Corrine Brown (FL)*
Rep. Kendrick B. Meek (FL)*
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL)*
Rep. Jim Matheson (UT)
DNC Helan Langan (UT)
All 23 members of the NY Congressional Delegation, all switches from Clinton: Anthony Weiner, Brian Higgins, Carolyn Maloney, Carolyn McCarthy, Charles Rangel, Edolphus Towns, Eliot Engel, Gary Ackerman, Gregory Meeks, Jerrold Nadler, John Hall, Jose Serrano, Joseph Crowley, Kirsten Gillibrand, Louise Slaughter, Maurice Hinchey, Michael Arcuri, Michael McNulty, Nita Lowey, Nydia Velazquez, Steve Israel, Timothy Bishop, Yvette D. Clarke
Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH)
Rep. Betty Sutton (OH) (Switch from Clinton)
Rep. Norm Dicks (WA) (Switch from Clinton)
Sen. Jim Webb (VA)
DNC Robert Rankin (CA)
Add-on Jim Hoffa (MI)#

6-4-08 - Added Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD) for Obama
- Switched VP Walter Mondale (MN) from Clinton to Obama
- Added
Sen. Frank Lautenberg (NJ) for Obama
- Added Gov.
Phil Bredesen (TN) for Obama
- Added
DNC Gray Sasser (TN) for Obama
- Added DNC Inez Crutchfield (TN) for Obama
- Added Rep. Rahm Emanuel (IL) for Obama
- Added Rep. Mike Doyle (PA) for Obama
- Added
Sen. Ken Salazar (CO) for Obama
- Added
Sen. Tom Harkin (IA) for Obama
- Added Rep. Tom Udall (NM) for Obama
- Added Sen. Ben Cardin (MD) for Obama
- Added Sen Herb Kohl (WI) for Obama
- Switched DNC Karen Hale (UT) from Clinton to Obama
- Added Sen. Ron Wyden (OR) for Obama
- Added Terry Goddard (AZ)# for Obama
- Added Rep. John Salazar (CO) for Obama
- Added Rep.
Mark Udall (CO) for Obama
- Added DNC David Strauss (ND) for Obama
- Added Sen. Tom Carper (DE) for Obama
- Added Sen. Mary Landrieu (LA) for Obama
- Switched
Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA) from Clinton to Obama
- Added DNC Paula Zellner (WI) for Obama
- Added
DNC Ed Cote (WA) for Obama
- Added DNC Sharon Mast (WA) for Obama
- Added DNC Cheryl Chapman (SD) for Clinton
- Switched Sen. Tim Johnson (SD) from Obama to Clinton
- Added Rep. Michael Michaud (ME) for Obama
- Added DNC Ivan Holmes (OK) for Obama
Added Rep. Susan Davis (CA) for Obama
Switched DNC Claude "Buddy" Leach (LA) from Clinton to Obama

6-3-08 - Added DNC Maria Chappelle-Nadal (MO) for Obama
- Added DNC Joyce Lalonde (MI)* for Obama
- Added Rep. John Olver (MA) for Obama
- Added Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (MI)* for Obama
- Added DNC Debbie Dingell (MI)* for Obama
- Added DNC Richard Wiener (MI)* for Obama
- Added DNC Jennifer DeChant (ME) for Obama
- Added DNC Joyce Beatty (OH) for Obama
- Added DNC Kwame Kilpatrick (MI)* for Obama
- Added Rep. John Spratt (SC) for Obama
- Added DNC Debra Kozikowski (MA) for Obama
- Added DNC Jon Ausman (FL)* for Clinton
- Added DNC John Perez (CA) for Obama
- Added
DNC Carnelia Fondren (MS) for Obama
- Added Jimmy Carter (GA) for Obama
- Added DNC Tina Abbott (MI)* for Obama
- Switched DNC Ben Johnson (DC) from Clinton to Obama
- Switched DNC Kamil Hasan (CA) from Clinton to Obama
- Added DNC Diane Glasser (FL)* for Obama
- Switched Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) from Clinton to Obama
- Added DNC John Daniello (DE) for Obama
-Added DNC Harriet Smith-Windsor (DE) for Obama
- Switched DNC Rhett Ruggerio (DE) from Clinton to Obama
- Added Rep. Dennis Moore (KS) for Obama
-Added DNC Belkis (Bel) Leong-Hong (MD) for Obama.
-Added LA Rep. William Jefferson (LA) for Obama.
-Added WY DNC Cindy Nunley (WY) for Clinton.

All below endosements for Obama
-Added Rep. Bob Brady (PA)
-Added DNC Mike Tardiff (MI)*
-Added DNC Ray Buckley (NH)
-Added DNC Frank Dixon (OR)
-Added DNC Margaret Campbell (MT)
- Added DNC Muriel Offerman (NC)
Rep. John Sarbarnes (MD)
Margaret Campbell (MT)
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ)
Don Bivens (AZ)
Christine Pelosi (CA)
Rachel Binah (CA) (Switch from Clinton to Obama)
Rep. Sam Farr (CA)
Rep. Bob Filner (CA)
Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA)
Gov. Bill Ritter (CO)
Michell Ceasar (FL)*
Rep. Ron Klein (FL)*
Michael Thurmond (GA) (switches from Clinton to Obama)
Helen Knetzer (KS)
Patsy Arceneaux (LA) (switches from Clinton to Obama)
Sam Spencer (ME)
Rep. Bart Stupak (MI)*
Yolanda Wheat (MO)
Sam Lieberman (NV)
Catherine Cortez Masto (NV)
Rep. Rush Holt (NJ)
David Parker (NC)
Jay Parmley (OK)
Bill Bradbury (OR)
Frank Dixon (OR)
Ian Murray (PA) (switched from Clinton)
Jim Leaman (VA)
Rep. Ron Sims (WA) (switched from Clinton)
Heather Mizeur (MD)
Rick Stafford (MN) (switch from Clinton)
Jay Nixon (MO)
Robin Carnahan (MO)
John Temporiti (MO)
Sen. Max Baucus (MT)
Sen. Jon Tester (MT)
Governor Brian Schweitzer (MT)
Dennis MacDonald (MT)

6-2-08 - Added DNC Jerome Wiley Segovia (VA) for Obama
- Added DNC Nancy DiNardo (CT) for Obama
- Added DNC Chris Whittington (LA) for Clinton
- Added DNC Brenda Lawrence (MI)* for Obama
- Added DNC Lu Battaglieri (MI)* for Obama
- Added DNC Irene Stein (NY) for Clinton
- Added DNC Janee Murphy (FL)* for Obama
- Added DNC David McDonald (WA) for Obama
- Added Rep. James Clyburn (SC) for Obama

6-1-08 - Added DNC Yvonne Gates (NV) for Obama
- Added Maine add-on Gwethalyn Phillips (ME)# for Obama

5-31-08 - Added DNC Claude "Buddy" Leach (LA) for Clinton

5-29-08 - Added DNC Gail Rasmussen (OR) for Obama
- Added DNC Eileen MacColl (WA) for Clinton
- Added Rep. Alan Mollohan (WV) for Obama
- Added DNC Boyd Richie (TX) for Obama
- Added DNC Betty Richie (TX) for Obama

5-28-08 -
Added DNC Pat Waak (CO) for Obama
- Added DNC Meredith Woods-Smith (OR) for Obama
- Added DNC Wayne Kinney (OR) for Obama

5-27-08 -
Added DNC
Nancy Drummond (WY) for Obama
- Switched DNC Kevin Rodriquez (VI) from Obama to Clinton. He switched from Clinton to Obama on 5/10. We got confirmation from the Clinton campaign that he has re-endorsed Clinton
- Added DNC Ben Pangelinan (GU) for Obama

5-25-08 - Added DNC Brian Schatz (HI) and DNC Kari Luna (HI) and James Burns (HI)# for Obama

5-24-08 - Added Verna Cleveland (GA)# for Clinton
- Added Stephen Leeds (GA)# for Obama
- Added W. Patrick Goggles (WY)# for Obama
- Added Tony Knowles (AK)# for Obama

5-23-08 - Added Rep. Jim Costa (CA) for Obama
- Switched Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA)
from Clinton to Obama
- Added DNC Jenny Greenleaf (OR) for Obama

5-22-08 - Added DNC Pilar Lujan (GU) for Clinton

5-21-08 -
Added Ohio add-on
William Bashein (OH)# for Clinton
- Added Rep. Joe Courtney (CT) for Obama
- Added DNC Wayne Dowdy (MS) for Obama

5-20-08 - Added Rep. Madeleine Bordallo (GU) for Obama
- Added DNC Scott Brennan (IA) for Obama
- Added Massachusetts add-on Martha Coakley (MA)# for Clinton

5-19-08 - Added DNC Dwight Pelz (WA) for Obama
- Added Sen. Robert Byrd (WV) for Obama
- Added DNC Larry Gates (KS) for Obama
- Added DNC Blake Johnson (AK) and DNC Cindy Spanyers (AK) for Obama

5-18-08 - Added California add-ons Carolyn Doggett (CA)#, Dario Frommer (CA)# and Dora Rubio (CA)# for Clinton
- Added California add-ons William Quay Hays (CA)# and Lou Paulson (CA)# for Obama

5-17-08 - Added DNC Greg Pecoraro (MD) , new Kansas add-on Mark Parkinson (KS)# for Obama
- Colorado add-on Federico Pena (CO)# added for Obama

5-16-08 - Added Rep. Pete Stark (CA) for Obama
- Added DNC Keith Umemoto (CA) for Clinton. He endorsed "months ago" but just made it public.
- Added Rep. Brad Ellsworth (IN) for Clinton.
- Added DNC Eric Coleman (MI)
and DNC Virgie Rollins (MI) for Obama.

5-15-08 - Added Rep. Jim McDermott (WA) for Obama
-Added Rep. Howard Berman (CA) for Obama
-Added Rep. Henry Waxman (CA) for Obama
- Added DNC Larry Cohen (DC) for Obama

5-14-08 - Added DNC Christine Marques (DA)* for Obama
- Added Rep.
Peter Visclosky (IN) for Obama
- Added TN Add-on Vicky Harwell (TN)# for Clinton
- Added DNC Mike Morgan (OK) for Obama
- Added DNC
Lena Taylor (WI) for Obama
- Added DNC Robert Ficano (MI) for Obama

5-13-08 - Added Rep. Joe Donnelly (IN) for Obama
- Added LA add-on Ray Nagin (LA)# for Obama
- Added DPL Roy Romer (CO) for Obama. Romer removed from Pelosi Club
- Added DNC
Anita Bonds (DC) for Obama
- Added DNC Awais Khaleel (WI) and DNC Lauren Wolfe (MI) for Obama

5-12-08 - Added Rep. Tom Allen (ME) for Obama
- Added DNC Dolly Strazar (HI) for Obama
- Added Sen. Daniel Akaka (HI) for Obama
- Added Idaho Democratic Party Chair DNC R. Keith Roark (ID) for Obama

5-11-08 - Added DNC Crystal Strait (CA) for Obama

5-10-08 - - Added new Utah addon Kristi Cumming(UT)# for Obama
- Added DNC
Carol Burke (VI) for Obama
- Switched DNC Kevin Rodriguez (VI) from Clinton to Obama.
- Added Ohio add-on Dave Regan (OH)# for Obama
- Added Massachusetts add-on Arthur Powell (MA)# for Clinton
- Added
Rep. Harry Mitchell (AZ) for Obama

5-9-08 - Switched Rep. Donald Payne (NJ) from Clinton to Obama
- Added Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR) for Obama
- Added Rep. Chris Carney for Clinton
- Added DNC John Gage (MD) for Obama
- Added DNC Edward Espinoza (CA) (aka Mr. Super) for Obama
- Added DNC Vernon Watkins (CA) for Obama
- Added DNC Wilbur Lee Jeffcoat (SC) for Obama
- Added New Mexico add-on
Laurie Weahkee (NM)# for Obama
- Added Rep. Mazie Hirono (HI) for Obama
- Added DNC Joe Johnson (VA) for Obama. Obama campaign confirmed his endorsement.
- Added Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (TX) for Clinton.

5-8-08 - Added Rep. Brad Miller (NC) for Obama
- Added Rep. Rick Larsen (WA) for Obama

5-7-08 - Added Rep. Heath Shuler (NC) for Clinton.
- Added DNC Jerry Meek (NC) and DNC Inola Henry (CA) for Obama
- Added add-on
Dan Gelber (FL)# for Obama
- Switched
DNC Jennifer McClellan (VA) from Clinton to Obama after getting confirmation from the Obama campaign. We are awaiting confirmation from the Clinton campaign on Rep. Brad Ellsworth (IN) who reportedly endorsed her today.

5-6-08 - Added IL add-ons Barbara Flynn Currie (IL)# and Todd Stroger (IL)# for Obama.
- Added DNC
Jeanette Council (NC) for Obama

5-5-08 - Added DNC Kalyn Free (OK) for Obama.
- Added DNC
Theresa Morelli (DA)* for Clinton.
- Added DNC Michael Cryor (MD) and DNC Lauren Glover (MD) for Obama
- Added IL add-on Richard Daley (IL)# for Obama. 2 other IL add-ons will be added when we get a valid source.

5-4-08 - Added DNC Robert Martinez (TX) for Clinton
- Added
Parris Glendening (MD)# for Obama.

5-3-08 - Added DNC Brian Colon (NM), new add-on Inez Tenenbaum (SC)#, and new Guam Vice-Chair Jaime Paulino (GU) for Obama
Added new add-on Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (MD)# for Clinton. We don't have a good source for Glendending for Obama, so we're holding off adding him for now.

5-2-08 - Added DNC Jaime Gonzalez Jr. (TX) for Clinton

5-1-08 - Switched DNC Joe Andrew (IN) from Clinton to Obama.
- Added DNC
John Patrick (TX) for Obama
- Added NY add-ons Andrew Cuomo (NY)#, Tom DiNapoli (NY)#, Virginia Fields (NY)# and Carmen Arroyo (NY)# for Clinton
- Added DNC John Olsen (CT) for Clinton
- Added DNC Herman Farrell Jr. (NY) for Clinton. He endorsed in 2007 but DCW has now received a statement from Farrell confirming his endorsement of Clinton.

4-30-08 - Added Rep. Bruce Braley (IA) for Obama
- Added DNC
William George (PA) for Clinton
- Added Rep.
Baron Hill (IN) for Obama
- Added Rep.
Lois Capps (CA) for Obama
- Added DNC
Luisette Cabanas (PR) for Clinton

4-29-08 - Added Gov. Mike Easley (NC) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Richard Machacek (IA) for Obama.
- Added Rep. Ben Chandler (KY) for Obama
- Added Rep.
Ike Skelton (MO) for Clinton

4-28-08 - Added Sen. Jeff Bingaman (NM) for Obama.
- Added Fmr. DNC Chairman Paul Kirk (MA) for Obama. He endorsed a while ago but we never had a valid source.

4-26-08 - Added Kathy Sullivan (NH)# new NH add-on, for Clinton. Added DNC Charlene Fernandez (AZ) new AZ state vice-chair, for Obama.

4-24-08 - Added Rep. David Wu (OR) for Obama

4-23-08 Added Gov. Brad Henry (OK) for Obama.
- Added Rep.
John Tanner (TN) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Audra Ostergard (NE) for Obama

4-21-08 - Added DNC Enid Goubeaux (OH) for Obama

4-20-08 - Added DNC Moretta Bosley (KY) for Clinton. She endorsed a while ago but we never had a valid source.

4-19-08 - Added DNC Steven Achelpohl (NE) for Obama
- Added Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) for Clinton

4-18-08 - NY State Party Vice Chair Dave Pollak removed from Clinton and replaced with new Vice Chair Reginald LaFayette who also supports Clinton.
- Added Rep.
Betty Sutton (OH) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Janice Griffin (MD) for Obama. She endorsed a while ago but we never had a valid source.

4-17-08 - Added Add-on Reggie Whitten (OK) and Add-on Harry Thomas Jr.(DC)# for Obama
Added Add-ons
Jim Florio (NJ)# and Brendan Byrne (NJ)# for Clinton.

4-16-08 - Added Rep. Andre Carson (IN) , Rep. Mel Watt (NC) and Rep. David Price (NC) for Obama
Aleita Huguenin (CA) back to Clinton. She has confirmed both to Politico and DCW that her comments last week were misinterpreted, and that she remains a firm Clinton supporter.

4-13-08 - Added DNC Nancy Larson (MN) for Obama

4-12-08 - Added DNC Taling Taitano for Clinton. She endorsed a while ago but we never got a source for it.

4-11-08 - Added Rep. Jackie Speier (CA) for Clinton.

4-10-08 - Added DNC Sophie Masloff (PA), DNC William Burga (OH) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Wayne Holland Jr. (UT) for Obama
- Added DNC
Ronald Donatucci (PA) for Clinton. He endorsed a while ago but we never got a source for it.

4-9-08 - Removed Aleita Huguenin (CA) from Clinton.

4-8-08 - DNC Harry Thomas Jr.(DC)# removed from Hillary Clinton's list after he withdrew his support for her.

4-7-08 - Added DNC Jean Lemire Dahlman (MT) for Obama
- Removed
DNC Margarett Campbell (MT) from Obama after she pulled back her endorsement due to MT party rules.
Mark Wilcox (AR)# for Clinton.

4-6-08 Replaced Mary Lou Winters (Clinton) with Elsie Burkhalter as DNC member from LA. Burkhalter is being placed on the uncommitted list
- Added North Dakota add-on
Dan Hannaher (ND)#
for Obama.
- Added
DNC Margarett Campbell (MT) for Obama.

4-5-08 - Removed DNC Helen Langan (UT) from Clinton and put her on the uncommitted list.
Added Missouri add-on
Susan Montee (MO)# , Delaware add-on Rob Carver (DE)# , Yvette Alexander(DC)# for Obama.
Harry Thomas Jr.(DC)# for Clinton.

4-2-08 - Added Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal for Obama
- Removed
Sen. Russ Feingold (WI) from Obama. He told a paper last week: "I am very torn between the two candidates.”
- Added Sen. Russ Feingold (WI) back for Obama. "I give the greatest deference to what (my) state did," said Feingold, who voted for Obama in that contest.
- Added DNC
John Melcher (MT) for Obama

3-31-08 - Sen. Amy Klobuchar(MN) added for Obama.
- Added DNC Al Edwards (TX) for Obama. Endorsement was made in early March, but not verified until now.

3-29-08 - Upon further review... Lofgren and Cantwell were put back for Obama and Clinton. We will continue to discuss how to note cases like theirs.

3-28-08 - Added Sen. Bob Casey (PA) , DNC Steven Alari (CA) for Obama.
Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA) from Clinton to Undecided.
Moved Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA) from Obama to Undecided.

3-27-08 - Added new Connecticut Add-on Don Williams (CT)# for Obama.
- Removed
Rep. Albert Wynn (MD) from Obama after he announced his resignation today.

3-26-08 - Added Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL) for Obama

3-25-08 - Removed DNC Paul Kirk (MA) for Obama. Link we used doesn't meet our standards. New article is saying he is uncommitted

3-22-08 - Removed Mike Panetta (DC)# from the superdelegate list. He had endorsed Obama.

3-20-08 - Added Gov. Bill Richardson (NM) for Obama.
- Added DNC Carol Ronen (IL) for Obama. She endorsed him a while ago but we just found a valid source.

3-19-08 - Added DNC Pat Maroney (WV) for Clinton

3-18-08 - Added Rep. John Murtha (PA) for Clinton

3-17-08 - Added DNC Margie Woods (IL) for Obama

3-14-08 - Added DNC Melissa Schroeder (WI) for Obama

3-12-08 - Moved DNC David Hardt (TX) from Clinton back to uncommitted.
- Removed
Gov. Eliot Spitzer (NY) from Clinton's endorsement list after he announced his resignation that will be effective on March 17th.

3-11-08 - Added DNC Kevin Rodriguez (VI) who endorsed Clinton in February

3-10-08 - Added
DNC Joyce Brayboy (NC) and DNC Everett Sanders (MS) for Obama
- Added DNC Roberto Ramirez (NY)
for Clinton

3-9-08 - Added DNC Mary Jo Neville (MD) for Obama

3-8-08 - Added DNC Mary Lou Winters (LA) for Clinton
Added new superdelegate
Rep. Bill Foster (IL) for Obama

3-7-08 - Added DNC Aleita Huguenin (CA) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker (CA) for Obama

3-6-08 - Added DNC Connie Thurman (IN) , Rep. Nick Rahall (WV) , DNC Teresa Benitez-Thompson (NV) for Obama
- Added Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA) , DNC Mona Mohib (DC) for Clinton.
- We added Ian Carleton for Obama back on 2-13 with what we thought was enough for an endorsement.

3-5-08 - Added DNC Rhine McLin (OH) , DNC Jane Kidd (GA) and DNC Darlena Williams-Burnett (IL) for Obama

3-4-08 - Added DNC Carol Fowler (SC) , DNC Mary Long (GA) , DNC Roy LaVerne Brooks (TX) for Obama

3-3-08 - Changed DNC member Joe Andrew from MD to IN

3-1-08 -
DNC Joe Wineke (WI) for Obama. Added Stewart Burkhalter (AL)# as new add-on superdelegate for Obama.

2-29-08 - Added DNC Brian Melendez (MN) and DNC Donna Cassutt ( MN) for Obama
- Added DNC
Renee Pfenning (ND) for Obama
- Added DNC Rep. Hon. Yvonne Davis (TX) for Obama
- Added Sen. Jay Rockefeller (WV) for Obama

2-28-08 - Changed DNC Ken Curtis (FL) from Maine to Florida after confirmation from the DNC. Superdelegate total is now 794.
- Added
Rep. John Barrow (GA) for Obama
- Added DNC
Ben Jeffers (LA) for Obama
- Added DNC
Renee Gill-Pratt (LA) for Clinton

2-27-08 - Added DNC Dennis Mehiel (NY) and DNC Sylvia Tokasz (NY) for Clinton
- Added Sen.
Byron Dorgan (ND) for Obama
- Added
Rep. John Lewis (GA) for Obama, completing a switch from Clinton.
- Added
DNC Marianne Stevens (ME)
for Obama
- Switched DNC Senfronia Thompson (TX) from Clinton to Obama

2-26-08 - Sen. Chris Dodd (CT), Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD), DNC Steve Powell (IL) added for Obama
- Added "Shadow Senators" Michael Brown (DC) and Paul Strauss (DC) for Obama

2-25-08 - Returned DNC Lionel Spruill Sr. (VA) after deciding the article was too vague to warrant his removal.
- Added DNC Mark Mallory (OH) for Obama

2-24-08 - Removed DNC Lionel Spruill Sr. (VA) from Clinton and returned to uncommitted

2-22-08 - Added DNC Sonni Nardi (OH) for Obama
- Added Sen. Russ Feingold (WI) for Obama
- Added DNC Connie Borde (DA)* for Obama
- Added DNC
Leon Lynch (PA) for Obama
- Added DNC Belinda Biofore (WV)
for Clinton

2-21-08 - Added DNC Jason Rae (WI) for Obama.
- Added DNC
Margaret Xifaras (MA) for Obama
- Added Rep. Steve Kagen (WI) for Obama

2-20-08 - Moved DNC John Rednour (IL) to Obama from Clinton. His son, also John Rednour, is on Clinton's steering committee
- Added DNC
Donald Norcross (NJ) for Obama.
- Switched
DNC Dana Redd (NJ) from Clinton to Obama
- Added Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX) , Rep. Ron Kind (WI) , Rep. Kathy Castor (FL) for Obama

2-19-08 Moved Rep. Jay Inslee (WA) back to Clinton after the Politico corrects yesterday's story.
- Added
DNC Grace Diaz (RI) for Clinton who was named as the new Vice Chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Party.
- Added DNC
Garry Shay (CA) for Clinton.
- Added DNC Carol Ann Campbell (PA) for Obama

2-18-08 - Removed Christina Montague (MI) (Obama). Not a superdelegate.
Rep. Chet Edwards (TX) for Obama.
Moved Rep. Jay Inslee (WA) to the no-endorse list.

2-17-08 - Added DNC Anna Burger (DC) , DNC Liv Gibbons (DA)* and DNC Brent O'Leary (DA)* for Obama
DNC Leo Perez Minaya (DA)* , DNC David Hardt (TX) , DNC Bob Slagle (TX) for Clinton
DNC Denise Johnson (TX) from Clinton to Uncommitted. No longer listed on Clinton TX Press Release that was original source.

2-16-08 - Added Marie Prezioso (WV), Edna O'Neill Matson (RI). Hon. Frank Montanaro (RI) for Clinton
Added Mike Panetta (DC)# for Obama. Panetta, DC Statehood Representative, is an automatic add-on superdelegate from DC.
Toby Condliffe (DA)* for Obama, DNC Robert Bell (DA)* for Clinton, both 1/2 vote.

2-15-08 - Added DNC Ruth Rudy (PA) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Ian Murray (PA) for Clinton
- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that John Lewis' office is denying reports that he has moved to Obama. We will move him back to the non-endorse list until this is sorted out.
- Added Rep.
Brian Baird (WA) , Dr. Celita Arroyo de Roques (PR) for Obama
DNC Sarah Swisher (IA) switches endorsements again. This time going from Clinton to Obama.
- Added DNC
Jack Billion (SD) and DNC Sharon Stroschein (SD) for Obama
- Added DNC
Marianne Spraggins (NY) for Obama
- Added DNC
John Davies (AK) for Obama

2-14-08 - Added DNC Will Cheek (TN) for Obama
- Added
DNC Jimmie Farris (TN) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Marcel Groen (PA) for Clinton
- Added
DNC Christine "Roz" Samuels (NJ) for Obama. Samuels switched from Clinton to uncommitted last week.
- Added DNC
Ed Tinsley (MT) for Obama
- Switched
Rep. David Scott (GA) from Clinton to Obama
- Moved
Rep. John Lewis (GA) from Clinton to Obama

2-13-08 - Added DNC Mary Ellen Early (CA) , Cecil Benjamin (VI) for Obama
- Added
DNC Yvonne Kennedy (AL) , DNC Randy Kelley (AL) for Clinton
- Added
DNC Raymond Jordan (MA), DNC David O'Brien (MA), DNC John Walsh (MA) and DNC Paul Kirk (MA) for Obama
- Added DNC
Debra DeLee (MA) and DNC Gus Bickford (MA) for Clinton
- Added DNC Joyce Cusack (FL) for Obama
- Added DNC
Evelyn Richardson (PA), DNC Richard Port (HI) and DNC Chuck Mohlke FL) for Clinton
- Added Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá (PR) for Obama
- Added DNC
Nicholas Nemec (SD) and DNC David Wilhelm (OH) for Obama. (Wilhelm had been (IL)).
-Added DNC
Ian Carleton (VT) for Obama
- Removed DNC Mark Schauer (MI) (Clinton) Not a superdelegate.

2-12-08 -
Added Rep.
Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) for Obama
- Added DNC
Jeanne Buell (ID), DNC Jeffrey Richardson (DC) for Obama
- Added
DNC Terry McBrayer (KY) and DNC Jo Etta Wickliffe (KY) for Clinton
- Added
DNC Dannie Montgomery (NC) for Obama
- Gov. Jim Doyle (WI) was added for Obama a couple of days ago, but not Noted until now. It was already reflected in the numbers.

2-11-08 - Representative Tom Lantos has died. Lantos was 80 years old and the only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress. I always liked listening to him on CSPAN... he will be missed by all.
- Added
DNC Christina Montague (MI) for Obama.
- Added DNC
Stan Gruszynski (WI) for Obama
- Added Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (TX) for Obama
- Added
DNC Cordelia Lewis Burks (IN) for Obama
- Added DNC
Patsy Arcenaux (LA) for Clinton
- Added DNC
Kathleen Fahey (NE) for Obama

2-10-08 - Added DNC Jeremy Bernard (CA) for Obama (new to list)

2-9-08 - Added Barbara Easterling (VA) for Clinton.
Rep. Jim Moran (VA) , John Knutson (ME) for Obama.
Removed Shirley Franklin (GA), (Obama), no longer a superdelegate.

2-9-08 - Added Hon. Christopher Stampolis (CA) , Hon. Raymond Sanchez (NM) , Christine Trujillo (NM) , Annadelle Sanchez (NM) for Clinton
Theresa Hunkin (AS) , DNC Patrick Lynch (RI) for Obama

2-8-08 Added DNC Bill Gwatney (AR) , Carole Dabbs (GA) , DNC Sarah Swisher (IA), DNC Rachel Binah (CA) , DNC Christine "Roz" Samuels (NJ) , DNC Norma Fisher Flores (TX) , DNC David Holmes (TX), Billi Gosh (VT) , DNC Hon. Myron Lowery (TN) , DNC Glenard Middleton (MD) , Alvaro Cifuentes (MD) , Richard Michalski (MD), Michael Steed (MD), DNC Mike Gronstal (IA) , Lonnie Plott (GA) , Maria Cordone (MD), for Clinton
Added Mark Bryant (MO), Judy Bevans (VT) , DNC Chuck Ross Jr. (VT), Gov. Christine Gregoire (WA) , Rep. John Yarmuth (KY) , Rep. David Obey (WI)
, Frank LaMere (NE), Anthony Avallone (CT) for Obama
DNC Christine "Roz" Samuels (NJ) from Clinton back to Uncommitted

2-7-08 - Debbie Dingell (MI) moved back to the No-endorse list. She had been Clinton.
- Added Sen.
Blanche Lincoln (AR) , Mark Schauer (MI) , Rep. Norm Dicks (WA) for Clinton
- Added Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX) , Gov. Chet Culber (IA) ,Vince Powers (NE) for Obama

2-6-08 - Rep. Tim Walz (MN) and DNC Randy Roy (KS) added for Obama
- Added
Rep. Dale Kildee (MI) and Rep. John Dingell (MI) for Clinton
-Added Former Speaker Jim Wright (TX) for Clinton
- Added Ken Foxworth (MN) for Obama

2-5-08 - Added DNC Dr. James Zogby (DC) for Obama

2-4-08 - Added DNC Rena Baumgartner (PA), DNC Jean Milko (PA), DNC Mary Gail Gwaltney (NM), DNC Diane Saxe (MA)for Clinton.
- Added
Rep. Steve Cohen (TN), DNC JW Postal (CO) for Obama
- Removed Patrick Lynch (RI) from Clinton

2-3-08 - Added Hon. Patrick Lynch (RI), Richard Schaffer (NY), Rep. Paul Kanjorski (PA) for Clinton, Hon. Mee Moua (MN) for Obama.

2-2-08 - Added Rep. Gene Green (TX), Rep. Solomon Ortiz (TX), DNC Elisa Parker (TN) , Hon. TJ Rooney (PA) for Clinton
- Added Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT),
Debbie Marquez (CO)for Obama

2-1-08 - Added DNC Susan Burgess (NC), Hon. Carolyn Warner (AZ), Dr. Elaine Kamarck (MA) for Clinton
- Added
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR), Rep. Jim Oberstar (MN), DNC Everett Ward (NC) for Obama.

1-31-08 - Added Connecticut representatives John Larson and Chris Murphy for Obama
- Added
Rep. Earl Pomeroy (ND), DNC Peter Jorgenson (MT) , E. Lee Kinch (KS), Pat Notter (WA) for Obama

1/30/08 - Removed John Edwards' Superdelegates after he dropped out today.
- Added Washington Senator Patty Murray for Clinton
- Added Florida Senator Bill Nelson for Clinton
- Added California
Rep. Anna Eshoo and DNC Bill Orton (UT) for Obama

1/29/08 - Added DNC Teresa Krusor (KS) and DNC Don Beavers (AR) for Clinton
- Switched
Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ) from Edwards to Obama
- Added Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius for Obama
- Added
Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) for Clinton
- Added
DNC Grant Burgoyne (ID) for Obama

1/28/08 - Added Sen. Ted Kennedy (MA) and Rep. Patrick Kennedy (RI) for Obama
- Added Rep.
Michael Capuano (MA) for Obama

1/27/08 - Senator Ted Kennedy is expected to endorse Barack Obama on Monday. We'll post it when it becomes official.
- Added
Rep. Xavier Becerra (CA) for Obama
- Added
DNC June O'Neill (NY) and DNC Dave Pollak (NY) for Clinton
- Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius will endorse Obama, reportedly on Tuesday. We will add he once it becomes official.
- Rep. Patrick Kennedy (RI) will endorse Obama alongside his father Senator Ted Kennedy

1/26/08 - Added DNC member DNC David Cicilline (RI) and DNC Member Joseph DeCotiis (NJ) for Clinton
- Added
DNC Lois DeBerry (TN) for Obama

1/25/08 - Added Rhode Island DNC Chair William Lynch, DNC member Janice C. Brunson (AZ) and Alaska DNC Chair Patti Higgins for Clinton.

- Added DNC member Norma Torres (CA) and DNC member Arrington Dixon (DC) for Obama
- Senator Bill Nelson from Florida is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton next week. We will add him as soon as it becomes official

1/24/08 - Dennis Kucinich and Jon Ausman have been returned to the non-endorse list after Kucinich dropped out today.

1/23/08 - Added DNC Betty McElderry (OK) for Clinton and DNC Kitti Asbury - (OK) for Obama
- Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell endorsed Clinton
- Added
DNC Constance Howard (IL) who endorsed Obama last month
Fmr DNC Chair Fred Harris (NM) has endorsed Obama
- Added
DNC Rhett Ruggerio (DE) and DNC Karen Valentine (DE) for Clinton

1/22/08 - Added Rep. Bennie Thompson (MS) for Obama
- Added
DNC Michael Madigan (IL) for Obama.
- Added DNC Roberto Prats Palerm (PR) for Clinton
- Added Rep. Joe Baca (CA) for Clinton

1/21/08 -Added Rick Boucher (VA) for Obama.

1/20/08 -Added Rep. Ed Pastor (AZ) for Clinton

1/18/08 - California Representative Linda Sanchez endorses Barack Obama
- Added Rep. Steve Rothman (NJ) who endorsed Obama back in July
- Added DNC Waring Howe Jr. (SC) for Obama,Rep. Silvestre Reyes (TX) and Rep. Loretta Sanchez (CA) for Clinton.

1/17/08 - Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont has endorsed Obama.
- Added Maryland Representative Al Wynn who endorsed Obama on Monday
- Added DNC
Ramona Martinez (CO), DNC Debbie Dingell (MI), and DNC Martin Chavez for Clinton
- Added Rep. Peter Welch (VT) and DNC Moses Mercado for Obama
- Added DNC John Perez CA) for John Edwards
- Removed duplicate of Alice Huffman (CA) - Clinton

1/14/08 - Added Rep. Sander Levin from Michigan who endorsed Clinton
- Removed
Thurbert Baker (GA), Tommy Irvin (GA), Michael Mauro (IA) and Hubert "Buck" Humphrey who all endorsed Clinton but are not superdelegates.
- Rep Zoe Lofgren (CA) is reported to have endorsed Obama today. We'll get her name up as soon as I can find another source. Lofgren's Washington office confirms that she will be endorsing Obama today.
- New Mexico's Liet. Governor Diane Denish has endorsed Clinton.
- CA DNC member Alice Huffman has endorsed Clinton
- Rep
Mike Thompson (CA) has endorsed Clinton
- Michigan Lt Governor John Cherry endorsed Clinton

1/12/2008 - Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska has endorsed Barack Obama
- Added Senator Claire McCaskill to Obama list
- Moved MD Rep. Al Wynn to the no-endorse list.

1/11/2008 - Removed Dan Boren who was listed as a Clinton endorser in my original source has said he will not be endorsing a candidate.
- Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano has been added to the Obama list of superdelegates after her endorsement today.
- We are waiting for an official announcement from Representative James Clyburn (SC) who is rumored to be endorsing Barack Obama
- A large number of DNC endorsements have been verified and added thanks to an anonymous commenter.

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