Friday, January 25, 2008

Denver Public Schools won't delay start

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We finally have an answer from Denver Public Schools as to whether or not they will delay opening schools due to security concerns from the convention.

Students in Denver Public Schools will return to classes as usual in August, after school board members on Thursday vetoed a plan to delay the school start date for the Democratic National Convention.

Board members voted 5-2 to start school on Aug. 18 this fall, rather than wait until Sept 2. The DNC is scheduled to bring 35,000 visitors to Denver between Aug. 25 and 28.

Earlier this month, DPS Security Chief Ed Ray and Justin DeMello, head of the city's Office of Emergency Management, told board members that the city and district could better share resources in the event of a DNC emergency if schools were not in session.

But a survey of parents, students, teachers and community members found 57 percent preferred the earlier start. Only one group - parents - came out in favor of the later return. - RMN

You can read our previous stories on the possible delay by using our Tag List on the right and choosing security. I guess they figured the chance of "mass casualties" at the convention were too slim to delay opening schools.