Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin still a superdelegate?

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A commenter tipped us off to the fact that Providence Mayor David Cicilline was elected yesterday to head the National Conference of Democratic Mayors. Mayor Cicilline takes over for Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. From everything we've heard from the DNC, this position comes with superdelegate status.

Here's where things get interesting. If Mayor Franklin loses her superdelegate status (which we will try to confirm on Monday) Barack Obama loses one of his endorsers. Mayor Cicilline on the other hand backs Clinton adding a superdelegate to her tally. For now we will leave Franklin on Obama's list but I have linked her name to the article above.

As a reminder, we will only add an endorsement once it's official and can be proven by a press release or news article. Thanks to all of the readers who are helping to make our lists and our numbers the most accurate ones available.