Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan Delegate Estimate

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The major media has decided unilaterally to not report the potential delegate totals of the Michigan primary. While officially Michigan has 0 delegates, such a decision can be overturned at the convention. So what were the results? Goobergunch over at MyDD was kind enough to run through the numbers and provide an estimate. This is extremely unofficial, but, it likely to be rather close to the final numbers:

Clinton: 73 delegates
Uncommitted: 55 delegates

We will update the delegate tracker.

Update: The GreenPapers has come up with the exact same estimate: 73 and 55.


Anonymous said...

If Clinton wins the nomination, our party is toast and our ability to win the General, gone.

Clinton has run such a nasty backhanded campaign that she makes Karl Rove look like a saint.

I am completely disgusted in her and hope like hell a Unity ticket emerges if she wins.

What a sad state of affairs if she turns out to be the best our party can put forward.

Proud Democrat who says NO2Hillary!

Anonymous said...

dont call yourself a democrate you sound like a hatefilled republican

Anonymous said...


I don't call myself a "Democrate" whatever that is.

I call myself a very proud, very active DEMOCRAT who supports my party.

But I hate the way that Clinton has run her campaign. I hate the degrading tactics that she and her supporters have resorted to. And sure, I hate the way that she will never be able to bring in voters from across the political spectrum.

Senators Edwards and Obama are appealing to voters across party lines which is vitally important. Clinton is POLARIZING.

I'm ashamed of her campaign and if you follow most of the major Democrat websites, you'll see that they are also surprised at how horribly nasty she has become.

The pundits want her in because it will make for good ratings during the General.

But I love my party and I want to see a candidate who can WIN.

You're right about one thing. I am not a "DemoCRATE" . I've never even heard of a "DemoCRATE".

I am a proud Democrat who does not want to see our party go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Edwards is not appealing to voters across party lines. His base is unions, and if you follow politics at all, you'd know that unions are comprised mostly of Democrats.

Second of all, while it's true that Obama is appealing to young voters and independents, he's also alienating Democrats. Don't forget that just a couple of days ago, he was praising the 'good ideas' of Ronald Reagen.

Third of all, Hillary has a solid base in the Democratic party. This fact you cannot deny. Now, why is this? Because she, out of the 3 candidates, most represents the values of the Democratic Party.

Fourth of all, you can make an argument that Hillary is the most electable candidate. She's immensely popular in Arkansas where she was first lady for 12 years. She has the support of their governor now. She also has the support of the governor of Ohio who has called her the most electable candidate in her state. Lastly, she's very popular in New York, so much that the Republicans didn't even bother putting up a candidate during her re-election bid.

So why don't you get real, look at the facts, become more substantive and grounded in reality instead of partisan analysis, and stop basing your arguments on a silly typo.

Anonymous said...

If Clinton says anything everyone immediately scrutinizes every word for racism, we shouldnt elect a president because our nation is terrified of being labled racist.
Its not racism for us to not want a black president who would be racist against whites!

Anonymous said...

Let people decide. Your candidate is not running a clean campaign either. I agree with you about the dirty campaign from Clinton. So at this point they both are even. You can't blame them either. I like both Obama and Clinton. But when it come to Change and experiences, i am a little bit lean toward Sen. Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (earlier):

Listen to Hillary Clinton's stump speeches, and her views are virtually the same as Obama's. Don't make this about style or personalities. Clinton is far more on top of the issues and policies than Obama.

Are you going to vote Republican out of spite? Come to your senses! The Democrats have far better ideas on Iraq, health care, alternative fuels, etc., etc.

Don't make the mistake of abandoning the issues that are important to you and the country.