Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama wins Iowa caucuses

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With what appears to be a record turnout NBC has just declared Barack Obama as the winner of the Iowa Caucus with 38% of the caucus. John Edwards finished in 2nd place with 30% and Hillary Clinton 29%.

Iowa will send 16 delegates for Obama to the covention, Edwards 15 and Clinton 14.

On the Republican side Mike Huckabee won with Romney coming in 2nd and Thompson and McCain tied for 3rd.

Update: Chris Dodd and Joe Biden have both ended their presidential campaigns. We will be looking for announcements from both Senators regarding who they decide to support.


Anonymous said...

Biden is in a tough spot. The most left leaning cadidate is Edwards but he doesn't get along with him. He may throw his support behind Obama in return for some political favors.
Bidens pick

Anonymous said...

you a parroting a prediction. Nobody knows how many delegates any candidate will get from Iowa. Edwards might not even be viable by the time they get to the district nominating meeting...all that was selected at the Iowa were county convention delegates who can change there mind...