Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pepsi Center dark for 9 weeks before convention

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Looking at the Pepsi Center on-line schedule, the last scheduled event before the 2008 Democratic Convention opens is an AFL indoor football game between the Colorado Crush and the Kansas City Brigade, on Saturday, June 21, which is 9 weeks before the convention starts. This is probably standard for political conventions, but just think how many Hannah Montana shows had to be canceled.


Eric Riback said...

If I remember right, the cost for convention construction is $15 million, so that's gotta take some time. Next question: How long will it be dark after the convention so they can put it back together?

Matt said...

In my experience it's usually about 2 weeks. There's actually not much to put back together, as the base arena infrastructure is usually untouched. (Maybe some seats removed in the lower bowl, but those are not hard to put back). Most of the convention infrastructure is placed on top of the base floor, which is usually just bare concrete. And they just rip it out - nothing is taken out in working order, although I imagine much is recycled. (And the press will get their stuff out very quickly, as they have to get to St. Paul ASAP). For what it's worth, the Pepsi Center doesn't have anything scheduled until Nov 19, but that will certainly change. (Last fall the Avalanche had their 1st pre-season home game on Sep 19).