Saturday, January 26, 2008

Major Media starts looking at superdelegates

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On Friday night Keith Olbermann did a story on superdelegates and how they may be the key to a candidate getting the nomination. Crooks and Liars is hosting the video in a post called Forget Super Tuesday Or Even Tsunami Tuesday, It’s All About The Super-Delegates

If Keith needs some help with superdelegates Matt and I would be happy to help him.

Update: Keith, here's some help. There are not 386 superdelegates being elected or selected on super Tuesday. The superdelegates are already chosen by virtue of their position. and to imply otherwise is very misleading. Also, Keith combines the 720 unpledged PLEOs (Party Leaders and Elected Officials), with the unpledged add-ons. There are 76 of these unpledged add-ons, 1-5 per state, and they get selected at the various state conventions. We're not tracking them here, yet, because we don't know who they are.

And one interesting thing: According to the Call of the Democratic Convention, there are, as I stated above, 720 PLEOs + 76 add-ons, giving 796 total superdelegates. But twice Keith mentions that there are 797 superdelegates. Does he know something that the DNC doesn't even know?