Thursday, March 20, 2008

Superdelegates who haven't committed to a candidate

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We have a list of superdelegates to the 2008 Democratic Convention who have officially endorsed a candidate but who is left? Who hasn't made an official endorsement?

Let's take a look at which Democratic superdelegates haven't committed to a candidate yet. Along with our superdelegate list we will be updating this list as new endorsements are made.
This will be an ongoing work in progress so check back often for updates.

Note: As superdelegates have gained the spotlight quite a few of them have started to rethink their previous endorsements. More and more superdelegates are starting to announce that they will not commit to a candidate until they see how either their constituents vote or what the results of the primaries are.

Superdelegates highlighted in red are from Michigan or Florida and do not count toward the nomination at this time.

Superdelegates highlighted in green have committed to voting for the delegate leader at the end of the primaries.

Bud Cramer (AL)
Nancy Pelosi (CA)
Mike Honda (CA)
Allen Boyd (FL)*
Tim Mahoney (FL)*

Jim Marshall (GA)
Nancy Boyda (KS)
Charlie Melancon (LA)
Don Cazayoux (LA)

Steny Hoyer (MD)
John Tierney (MA)
Edward Markey (MA)

Collin Peterson (MN)
Gene Taylor (MS)
Rep. Travis Childers (MS)
Charlie Wilson (OH)
Marcia Kaptur (OH)

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH)
Rep. Dan Boren (OK)
Tim Holden (PA)
Lincoln Davis (TN)
Bart Gordon (TN)
Nick Lampson (TX)

Distinguished Party
Leaders (DPLs)

Al Gore (TN)
Fmr. Senator and Majority Leader
George Mitchell (NY)
Fmr. DNC Chair Bob Strauss (TX)

Joe Biden (DE)
Carl Levin (MI)*

John Lynch (NH)

Alex Sink (FL)#*
Steve Geller (FL)#*

Rusty McAllister (NV)#
Jerry Lee (TN)#
31 Unnamed Add-Ons

DNC Members
Joe Turnham (AL)
Nancy Worley (AL)

Lottie Shackleford (AR)
Art Torres (CA)
Hon. Carole Migden (CA)
Bob Mulholland (CA)
Steve Ybarra (CA)
Donna Brazile (DC)
Christine Warnke (DC)

Karen Thurman (FL)*
Rudolph Parker (FL)*
Terrie Brady (FL)*
Andrew Tobias (FL)*

Edward Smith (IL)
Vacant (IL)

Jennifer Moore (KY)
Nathan Smith (KY)

Elsie Burkhalter (LA)

Susan Turnbull (MD)
John Sweeney (MD)

James Roosevelt Jr (MA)

Elizabeth Bunn (MI)*
Jeffrey Radjewski (MI)*
Mark Brewer (MI)*
Richard Shoemaker (MI)*
Leila Medley (MO)

Philip D. Murphy (NJ)
Ralph Dawson (NY)
Carol Peterson (NC)
Ronald Malone (OH)
Patricia Moss (OH)

Jim Frasier (OK)
Eliseo Roques-Arroyo (PR)
Hon. Gilda Cobb-Hunter (SC)

David Hardt (TX)
Denise Johnson (TX)
Linda Chavez -Thompson (TX)
Hon. Alexis Herman (VA)
Howard Dean (VT)
Alice Germond (WV)
Marylyn Stapleton (VI)
Vacant - 1 (At-large)
Vacant - 2

* Superdelegates from Florida, Michigan and Democrats Abroad count as 1/2 of a vote.
# Add-on Superdelegates

2/7/08 - Removed Hon. Joan Fitz-Gerald (CO) from the list as she is no longer a member of the DLCC
2/19/08 - Donna Branch Gilby resigned as vice-chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. Her spot is now Vacant.
2/20/08 -
Teresa Benitez-Thompson replaced Jill Derby as a Nevada superdelegate
2/29/08 - Changed PA DNC member from "Richard Donatucci" to "Ronald Donatucci"
3/6/08 - Added Mark Wilcox as Arkansas' add-on superdelegate. He's officially uncommitted.
3/11/08 - Added Cheryl Chapman as the SD Vice Chair (previously vacant). She was elected on February 16th. Added Andre Carson (IN). Total number of supers is 796.
3/16/08 - Added
Vicky Harwell and Jerry Lee as Tennessee's 2 add-on superdelegates.
3/17/08 - Added DNC John Melcher (MT) who was seated on the National Democratic Seniors Coordinating Council and Mayor Brenda Lawrence (MI)* who was seated on the National Conference of Democratic Mayors. Both seats were previously vacant.
Replaced Rita Moran of Maine with Jennifer Dechant.
4/3/08 - Added DC add-on superdelegates
Yvette Alexander(DC)# and Harry Thomas Jr.(DC)#
4/5/08 - Added MO add-on superdelegate Jay Nixon (MO)#, and Florida add-on superdelegates Alex Sink (FL)#*, Steve Geller (FL)#*, Dan Gelber (FL)#*. MO add-on Susan Montee, and DE add-on Rob Carver have been added to the Obama list.
4/6/08 Replaced Mary Lou Winters (Clinton) with Elsie Burkhalter as DNC member from LA. Burkhalter is being placed on the uncommitted list as of now.
4/9/08 - Added Rep. Jackie Speier (CA), new congresswoman from California.
4/27/08 - Added
addon Terry Goddard (AZ)# and addon Laurie Weahkee (NM)#. Addon Kathy Sullivan(NH)# was added to the Clinton list.
4/28/08 - Removed Guam's Robert Underwood, Chair (Antonio Charfauros) and vice-chair (Cecilia Mafnas). Positions are now vacant.
5/5/08 - Previously added
party chair Pilar Lujan (GU), and adding new DNC member Ben Pangelinan (GU). New Guam vice-chair Jaime Paulino previously added to Obama list.
5/10/08 - Added OH add-on
William Bashein (OH)#. Added MA add-on Martha Coakley (MA)#.
5/13/08 - Added Rep. Travis Childers (MS) who won a special election run-off in a heavily Republican district.
5/17/08 - Added NV add-on
Rusty McAllister (NV)#.

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Mario J. Bailey said...

Attached below is my letter to the undeclared delegates...


Dear Undeclared Delegate:

I know that your position is very tough having to weigh factors that I could only imagine before endorsing a candidate. I have patiently waited on the sidelines watching this historic race take many twists and turns leading to the final primary. I am writing you requesting that you stand up and be counted before each candidate gives their final primary speech tonight.

There are few magical endings in life. The ones that occur remind us of hope while allowing us to draw strength for future possibilities. You casting your vote behind either candidate today will allow this long and hard fought primary season to draw to a magical end.

What better night to show party unity than tonight? If you had decided yet not declared, the hour has come. Senator Clinton had many occasions to bow out of this race before tonight. Upon the night of the final primary polls closing, some from her camp are asking you to wait. If Senator Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, your waiting will undermine the perception of his leadership----the ability to motivate and unite our party behind a particular to act with the urgency of now. This moment is bigger than Senator Obama, Clinton and her exit strategy; it is about the Democratic Party and the General Election. Throughout this campaign we all have overlooked statements and actions that did not put the Democratic Party or November’s election first. Please imagine with me for a brief moment.

Imagine the night of the final primary poll closing…. Imagine witnessing the Democratic leadership surround their nominee as he take on Senator McCain from the very spot McCain will be nominated as the Republican nominee…. Now imagine the message that we will send to our Nation as we prepare for November…. Allow us to project the same strength today that we will have in the November at such a well publicized and viewed event. I plead you to stand up and be counted behind Senator Clinton or Obama today. Let us bring this colorful primary season to a magical yet powerful close. Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mario J. Bailey
Florida Registered Democrat

Rose Szymanski said...

Write in or type in Hillary Clinton come November unless you want MCbush to win

Unknown said...

The democratic party is on the verge of pulling the biggest fast one on the rest of the party members, not to mention the american people! FDR, JFK and LBJ are spinnin in their graves and I can only imagine what Bobby Kennedy would have to say about what Howard Dean has done here. This is for sure not the party of my father! I hope you all know just what your doing here. In the end, the American people will not only be the final judge but their will must and will be respected. I get the feeling this election year is going to be one for the books!!!

RWD said...

"The public needs to demand a re-vote and take the power of this nomination decision away from facist party officials who were never even elected to their positions"

Nicole, thanks for showing just how little you know about the process. If you did know something about the process, you'd know that most of the superdelegates are...wait for it...ELECTED OFFICIALS. Senators. Governors. Representatives. The rest are from the Democratic National Committee.

RWD said...

"A caucus is like a child playing dress up. Have real primaries."

That decision is often made by state government and not the parties. For example, in Kansas, both the Republicans and Democrats had caucuses after the Republican-dominated leglislature would not fund a primary.

Once again, some time spent learning about the process would help here. It's a lot more useful than coming onto a blog and spewing bitterness and ignorance.

kitchin said...

Gov. Phil Bredesen (TN) is misspelled in this list "Bredeson".

Politico today says he is going for Obama:
Politico, 6/3/2008

lompe said...

Dear Rose, Nick and Rob.

Watch your candidate Hillary in the next weeks and learn from her. She will gracefully step aside and work for Barack as the democratic nomine.
This is a historic moment.

Hillary will be fine, but more important, the coutry and the world will be better off with a democratic president of the United States of America.

Thank you and good luck!

Rose Szymanski said...

I would rather have a president that knows how to handle problems instead of one that resigns from it.If anyone needs anyone its Obama needing Hillary after all his platfrom for change was hers for solutions. who wants a president that votes present instead of yes or no and then askes to have his vote changed 6 times this is what they want in the white house God help us all.

TheBrain said...

Now is the time for Obama to show what he is made of. Hillary has indicated she will do whatever is asked to help win the election in November, including running with Barack. Either he will be the great mediator who can bring opposing sides together and heal the nation, or not. This is his first test. He can bring her onto the ticket, against the wishes of many of his anti-Hillary supporters, and heal the rift in the Democratic Party, or he can say no, and effectively tell the 18 million Americans who supported her that she isn't even worth the number two slot. If he doesn't mend the Party, and create the "Dream ticket", he will go down in flames in November, thanks to Rose, and a whole lot more Democrats like her, women, Latinos, the elderly and Joe lunch-bucket, who will absolutely feel they have been ignored.

Rose Szymanski said...

For the Brain whenit comes to tests Obama has failed more than a PORCUPINE has quills. His voting record "present" doesn't cut it, Friendship with mad bombers, solving a problem by resigning from it is not solving the problem why wait 20 years to do it and the wearing of the flag pin a little to late in my book. He thinks he is fooling the people but we all no the game is called politucs if he wants to win in November Hillary is the only way he can do it. But then he is one of these that learns as you go thr oval office is not the place for this kind of actions.

Animaltalker said...

All of Hillary's supporters are assuming she wants to be Vice-President, maybe it would be best for the country if she remained in the senate so she and Obama could get legislation accomplished. If Hillary were Senate Majority Leader she could ramrod home the kind of legislation both she and Obama are interested in. I'm sure she will consider whether the VP position is where she can do the country the most good. Her name doesn't have to be on the ticket for her to help Obama win, and it's not just winning the White House that we need, it's governing the country afterwards. IT may be wiser for her to be in his cabinet as Attorney General or Secretary of State. IF Obama is the wise man I believe he is he will set aside any personal slights he may feel from the campaign and concentrate on what is best for the country. He may well have in mind positions in his cabinet or elsewhere in government for both Clintons.

Unknown said...

Oklahoma Ivan Holmes said privately and told CNN he was with Obama

TheBrain said...

A lot of Obama supporters seem to believe that the November election is a shoo-in for Obama. Unfortunately, it's not. As a Hillary delegate, I have grave concerns that we are going to lose the race for the White House unless we have a united Democratic Party. Right now we don't. How Obama respects the views of the 18 million Americans who preferred Hillary will be critical to a victory. If Obama is arrogant enough to think that he got a mandate and ignore the other half of the Party, I will hold my nose and vote for him, but I will do so reluctantly. He can't beat McCain with that. He needs not only most of those 18 million voters, he needs them to enthusiasticly support him, and that only happens with Hillary on the ticket, now that Hillary has agreed to do it.

Adam said...

If you look at Hillary's blog, her "True Believer" supporters wouldn't even vote for Obama with her as VP. Plus, he would estrange any supporters that voted for him as a protest against the dirty politics of the Clintons.

The 120 or so Supers who still haven't endorsed deserve to be beaten in any upcoming primaries, since they are weak willed by not saying who they are supporting even after the primaries are over.

Next primary season, how about NO superdelegates, and have the last primary by March 31st.

Rose Szymanski said...

To govern the country you have to be in the WHITE HOUSE. Obama can't even govern his own life. Or think for himself, all he knows how to do is run the other way from a problem or problems. God Help us Obama doesn't know how to help himself or use common sense. If he did he would realize you do not learn how to be president once your there you have to know how before you get there. Looks like 4 more years of MCBush Hope I AM WRONG AND THE CONVENTION PICKS THE ONE THAT CAN WIN.

carol in oklahoma said...

Ivan Homes from Oklahoma publically endorsed Obama on Tuesday night. Check it out.

Jack420 said...

To Nicole - two posts up - Even if you count MI and FL fully, it does not matter. Moot point, and everyone needs to get over it. If you are a Hilary backer, I would suppose you are pro-choice. If McCain wins, he appoints the next swing judge on the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade is overturned. Are you really that ready to cut off your nose to spite your face?

Rose Szymanski said...

To Jack 420, I don't know how old youy are but overturning Roe vs wade is going back to the 50's when women went to back alley butchers and ended up dead or sterile do you wan to go bsck to that.

Matt said...

We are freezing this page for posterity as of June 4, 2008. (We'll add the new add-ons to the add-on page).

tina said...

I understand the Barack Obama will be ending the war in Iraq should he be voted in as President. Can you please let us know if our troops will be home before Thanksgiving or as last as Christmas of this year (2008) so we can properly plan for their homecoming? This is awesome to finally have a President who can make things happen overnight without all of the Washington red tape. I can't wait for our family and friends to return home for this Christmas from the lands of Iraq! Thank you so much Obama and especially to all of our supporters!

Rose Szymanski said...

Hey Tina wake up ytour having a dream. The winner doesn't take office until January 20th, 2009. So don't look for anyuone Christmas 2008. You want anyone home Write or type in Hillary Clinton you have to be a wheeler dealer and obama sure ain't.

Emkayem said...

Your detail list with names shown for uncommited superdelegates-Add ons names shows 4 votes(3 Full +2 Half each for Florida) while detail table shows 33 uncommited. Where is the discrepaancy?
Great website.
Mike-Chino Hills,Ca

billyjay66 said...

After the 06/05 endorsements there are 106.5 uncommitted remaining with 32.5 yet to be assigned:

74.......assigned (81 names with 14 casting 7 votes)

29.5....unassigned add-ons
3........unassigned vacants

Jenn, an ObaMAMA said...

Say it isn't so!?! Checking your site has been an important part of my day! Can't you reconsider? I'm sure the supers will continue to change their support all the way up to Denver!

_libby_ said...

Nicole's pathetic rant and her immature use of the term "Democrat Party" shows where her true colors are.

Nicole: You truly deserve to be in the Republican Party and I for one am proud that Democrats don't spew out the immature hatred that you do.

Good luck with your old codger. You and your party are going to need it!

Matt said...

Lenora Sorola-Polman is the new TX vice-chair and superdelegate, replacing Roy Laverne Brooks.

Joseph Vogas said...

david hardt (DNC TX) announced at the 2008 state dem convention in the youth caucus on June 7 that he voted and caucused for Clinton on March 4 but will be casting his super delegate vote for Barack Obama.

Rose Szymanski said...

David what happeneed between March and June> Hillary was it then why not now. Which one would do the most for the USA? Which one would do the most for the people of the USA such as lowereing gas prices, getting the manufacturing jobs back, not being afraid of going to the doctor when your sick because you can't pay the bill, Instead of spending all the money in Iraq it should be kept here for the good of the USA. The day the statue of Sadam came down is the day the Iraqi people should have started to form their own government, instead they chose to have USA soldiers be their baby sitters that are getting mutilated and killed, end this war now bring our people home, get the jobs back. Which one can do this obama can't even make up his mind about wearing a flag pin. Hillary may have called it quits but her supporters haven't all the way with Hillary!!!!

Lisa at ParaProductions said...

Alex Sink, CFO of Florida, and Karen Thurman, head of the Florida Democratic Party, both endorsed Barack Obama on June 14 at the Florida Delegates meeting in Hollywood FL in the morning and then endorsed him again at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner that evening. Both wore Obama buttons on the whole day. For some reason this all did not make national news.

Lisa Walker
Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, Florida District 7
(386) 956-6926

Matt said...

Some superdelegate changes have been made in the Superdelegate Ups and Downs post.

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