Thursday, August 28, 2008

11 A.M. Friday

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It appears that John McCain has chosen a running mate, and will announce his choice at a rally at a basketball arena in Dayton, Ohio. He will then undertake weekend stops in Pennsylvania and Missouri. The Herald Tribune contends that picking Joe Lieberman is "alive in McCain's mind." I love the image of something being alive in McCain's mind, but that's just me. From the article:

Other Republicans said they suspected that whatever McCain's personal views, his aides could be pushing Lieberman with reporters as part of a disinformation campaign to stir interest in the selection and to make it appear as if McCain, a longtime opponent of abortion, was open to all possibilities and was therefore more of an independent candidate.
Note that Karl Rove thought Lieberman would be a bad choice. Theoretically, the remainder of the short list is Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romeny (who owns 4 houses). Some people have floated Kay Bailey Hutchinson's name, but since she's the last sitting Senator (until Ted Stevens) to be indicted, I'm betting no.

Remember tomorrow when you hear the announcement (after you finally wake up, having watched the acceptance speech in front o 80,000 people, and then having partied late into the night) that it's also McCain's 72nd birthday. By my calculations, if he picks Lieberman, their joint age on inauguration day would be 137. (I'm sure someone will check my math.) As Gustav takes aim at the Gulf, Friday is also the third anniversary of Katrina, and the devastation of a great American city.

I suppose that the McCain campaign has to do something to try to get some attention. I just wish that what they would do is put out policy paper after policy paper - the McCain (NO) health care policy, and the McCain Gramm Economic Housing Foreclosure plan, the stay-in-Iraq-especially-since-the-Iraqis-want-us-to-leave-on-Obama's-timetable plan, and best, the no birth control for anyone program - THIS is what they should be promoting!