Friday, August 29, 2008

Waiting for McCain, Waiting for Gustav

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While the McCain veep watch is nowhere near as fun as the Obama veep watch, the latest is that Romney is in Boston, Pawlenty is in St. Paul, and Sarah Palin is home in Alaska. Funny thing, no one seems to be tracking McCain. He's supposed to be on his way to Dayton, but I haven't heard anything.

While waiting for the announcement, we're also all watching Gustav. The path has not changed appreciably since the last time Matt posted the map. Haley Barbour, co-chair of the RNC Convention Committee has returned to Mississippi, where he's governor. Bobby Jindal is back in Lousisana where he is governor. And while there is fun in citing all the Republican candidates who have begged off the GOP convention next week for being "too busy", it's right and proper that leaders in potential devastation zones go home to prepare.

So what of John McCain? Halperin thinks he ought to skip Dayton, and head to New Orleans to deal with Gustav. He has art....