Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tonight's Roll Call

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From the Obama campaign conference call this morning:

A joint statement from Alice Germond and the Obama and Clinton campaigns was sent to the state delegation chairs last night about today's process.

They say that vote tally sheets have been distributed to the state chairs, and they will pass them out to the delegates. They will be reviewing them at the state breakfasts this morning. From 3 - 5 MT this afternoon, the nomination and roll call process will occur.

There will be speeches nominating Clinton first, Obama second: Clinton will have two seconds to her nomination, and Obama will have three. There should be about 30 minutes of speeches, the tally sheets will be submitted, and then there will be a state roll call, with the totals for each candidate being announced by the state chairs.

Expect a joint statement from the campaigns this morning on who will be making the nominating speeches. We'll update with the names of the nominators at that time.

Update from Matt: There was no commitment to letting the actual roll call go to completion. So yesterday's reports about the NY delegation moving to make it unanimous may still be accurate.