Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain considering postponing convention

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With Gustav up to 150 mph, the GOP has some tough choices ahead of them:

John McCain said the Republican National Convention may be postponed as federal officials said Hurricane Gustav was gathering to a devastating Category 5 as it headed toward star-crossed New Orleans.

“It just wouldn't be appropriate to have a festive occasion while a near-tragedy or a terrible challenge is presented in the form of a natural disaster,” McCain told Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday,” in an interview taped for tomorrow. “So we're monitoring it from day to day and I'm saying a few prayers, too.”
Officials at the convention, which is to open Monday in St. Paul, Minn., tell Politico they are figuring out how to handle the formal business of nominating McCain even if some delegations are not able to attend. - Politico
And from CQ:
The massive security arrangements, delegate and guest hotel accommodations and other convention-related logistics would make it extraordinarily difficult for the GOP to consider delaying and extending the convention past its scheduled completion on Thursday.
We would urge all our readers in the affected areas to take appropriate action, and hope that this thing somehow weakens.