Friday, August 29, 2008

From the floor

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Here is what it is like to be a delegate on the floor of Invesco last night:

Those of you at home saw the speech better than I did. Surrounded by fellow delegates packed in like sardines, some of whom were standing on the chairs, with my view blocked by their signs. And having been dropped off by our bus at the Pepsi Center, and having to hike to Invesco and find our way there with no signage. And having to circle Invesco twice to find our buses, which were not in numerical order with the others.

I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I think it will remain one of the defining moments in my political life forever.

So now can we not hear, ever again, that "Hope" and "Change" are vacuous words, with no content except what the listener chooses to impart to them?

This was a clarion call for progressive values, and thence to progressive policies.

Can we not hear, ever again, that because Obama wants to reach out to Republicans to accomplish things, that he is being naive, or compromising?

Now, let's get to work. Just because Pat Buchanan is praising this speech, does not mean this is not coming. It's already here. There will be more money available to pay for slime, outright lies, and innuendo than ever before in our political history.

I hate to step on the celebration with a heavy dose of reality, but that is where my heart is this morning, as I prepare to depart Denver and go out into the mountains for two days of backpacking and reflection. Now the powers that want everything exactly the same know what they are up against, if they didn't before. They are going to fight like devils to keep it from happening.

We have to work harder than ever before. Don't believe any poll that shows us ahead. Ignore them.

Work. Work. Work. Make what we heard last night a reality.

You know, I think perhaps I'm ... FIRED UP! ...and READY TO GO!!