Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 worst DNC Invesco Mistakes

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From a blogger on the Denver Post:

5. They did not use the stadium’s sound system; all sound came from speakers placed on the floor of the stadium. They weren’t loud enough, and this made it hard to hear the speakers over all the cheering.

4. The fireworks. They came without warning and startled a lot of people sitting in the top rows of level 5 (like me). They also filled the stadium with smoke and released loads of carbon into the atmosphere.

3. Stevie Wonder gave a lame performance. And Joe Biden’s speech was dull.

2. The stadium did not fill up. There were still plenty of seats left in level 5. You can see them in this picture I took in the middle of Obama’s speech:

Empty Seats During Obama's Acceptance Speech

1. They did not serve beer during the event. I think this was an affront to the working men and women (many of whom are union members) who make and transport the beer.

Oreo here with his own #1: This guy is a whiner that would find a reason to complain if somebody gave him a million dollars. While the fireworks were a bit startling (Michelle Obama jumped) what are they supposed to do? Yell "OK EVERYBODY!!! HERE COMES THE FIREWORKS?" Idiot.