Friday, August 29, 2008

Pace's DNC Post 8/28/08

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We arrived back in Anchorage safe and sound and in time to watch nearly 6 hours on CSPAN on the last day of the convention. I was thrilled to see some of our Alaskan delegation and was envious of their experience on this historic day. Obama's acceptance speech was positive, informative, inspiring, and electrifying. It has been a long time since I have been so moved by a Presidential candidate.

He spoke about issues that are near and dear to not only my heart but to those around me. These issues include but are by no means limited to: 1) Health t (I believe that in this country, everyone regardless of income or position should be entitled to affordable health care of the highest quality), 2) Education (Better schools means better preparation for our people in this globalized economy) (also I love the idea of the exchange of college education for public service - let's make college available for everyone!), 3) Civil rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation (people are people and deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect), and 4) Increased funding to support our troops with adequate health care, equipment, and improved services (while we may disagree with the war I find that it is deplorable to learn that many of our troops are falling in between the cracks when it comes to providing their basic needs, I find that to be tragic and feel that Obama will make sure that our military is going to be an excellent Commander-in-Chief and will make sure that our troops are getting not only what they need but also what they deserve). and 5) Energy (I think Obama is right on the mark when he talks about the need for a shift in our energy reliance on foreign countries for our energy needs. We need to develop alternative energy sources such as geothermal, wind, solar, biofuels etc., not spend Gazillions (technical term there) drilling for oil (especially off shore) when we could spend a fraction of that amount and build new industries that will create millions of Green Collar jobs). There were many other issues but those were the ones that leapt out to me.

I have attached a few photos of the last few days from the Convention experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was the chance of a lifetime and I am so honored that I was chosen. It was AWESOME!

All my best!

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