Saturday, August 30, 2008

GOP: All convention options being discussed

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The GOP is considering a number of options for their convention beyond just a postponement:

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis plans to meet with Republican officials in charge of the party's convention planning in Minneapolis-St. Paul Sunday to review the latest news on Hurricane Gustav and what their options might be — then consulting with the presumptive Republican nominee to determine what changes may need to be made.

"I wouldn't call it a nightmare, but it is a very perplexing challenge," said a GOP official planning the event.

A senior McCain source tells CNN they are considering turning the convention into a service event — a massive telethon to raise money for the Red Cross and other agencies to help with the hurricane.
The storm has already forced last-minute changes in the convention's announced schedule: If the convention — originally scheduled to start Monday — commences by Tuesday, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's speech will likely move to that night from Wednesday. Other changes are being contemplated this afternoon.

The hardest decisions — like whether to cancel a day or two of the four-day gathering, or to or condense days — will be made at the last second, say GOP officials. But the logistics of those decisions are already being discussed. - CNN
Update from First Read:
For the purposes of getting McCain's name and Palin's name on the ballot, the convention must take place this week; lots of ballot deadlines hit very soon.