Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday with the Senators – Republican Edition

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Let’s start in New Hampshire. John Sununu (R) has decided against attending the Republican Convention. Jeanne Shaheen not only attended the Democratic Convention, but spoke. I guess if I were him, I’d stay home, too, since the most recent polls have him down 9 points (Rasmussen) and 11 points (ARG).

In Oregon, Gordon Smith is another Republican staying home from the GOP Convention. And again, if I were him….here is the newest DSCC ad:

Oh, and by the way, when we look at the polls, when it all started, Smith was at 45% and Jeff Merkley was at 25%. Most recent averages have Smith at 49%, Merkley at 41%.

Liddy Dole, Republican of North Carolina, is also passing on the convention. Perhaps people besides me have picked up on the SHE DOESN’T LIVE THERE thing…

And yes, that most recent poll does have
Kay Hagan up by 3 points.

Norm Coleman (“NORM!”) is only attending the convention because he lives in Minnesota. It’s not looking so good for him, either, as Al Franken has caught up and surpassed. OK, it's only 1 point, at 41/40, but he was down double digits recently.

Because Roger Wicker is the interim Senator in Mississippi, he gets a pass on not going to the convention, because he actually SHOULD be home. There is no room for politics when there is the potential for a natural disaster. However, just to keep our count up to date and accurate, the final list of Republican Senators NOT from disaster areas skipping their own convention, in addition to those mentioned above, include: Pat Roberts, Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel, Wayne Allard, Ted Stevens (I’m not sure he’s legally allowed to go, although he is out on bail) and Larry Craig (who, I’m sure, will be missed at the men’s room in the airport, rumour has it he pays well.)