Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long lines

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This picture was from a while ago.

Also, the Obama campaign put an American flag at every seat in the stadium. That's a nice contract for a flag manufacturer somewhere.


The first three days of the convention felt like the internal party gatherings they were; the giant venue feels like a rally or a sporting event. They're doing the wave in the upper deck. The effect that the campaign was shooting for — an open, rather than a closed gathering — comes through in the stadium, though I'm not sure how it will translate on television.

As at most of Obama's large events, the crowd is strikingly diverse, by race and by age. Martin Luther King III drew their applause for telling them that his father would be proud of the party that nominated Obama and of the country that would elect him.

They're seated unevenly, because a large share of the seats in the stadium are obstructed — behind the stage, or behind the press risers facing it. The seats in front of the stage each had the name of an ordinary supporter taped to it, and they've filed in to fill the inner ring. Beyond them, the seats for delegates on the floor of the convention are almost entirely taken. - Politico