Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Update: 9 a.m. Sunday

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Despite the dire warnings, many people cannot afford to leave New Orleans, or they are just unwilling to do so.

Meanwhile, Bush and Cheney are planning on staying home.

At this hour, Gustav is still a Cat 3, although expected to intensify by this afternoon. The models have it making land fall on Monday, likely as a Cat 4.

There are mandatory evacuations in Louisiana, and low-lying areas in Mississippi and Alabama.

Many roads are now contraflow to ease evacuation. Buses have been taking people out of New Orleans, although there are still people waiting as of this hour.

There will be no shelter of last resort in New Orleans: neither the City nor the Red Cross is setting anything up. New Orleans announced that if you DO stay, you are on your own, and if you are caught off your property during curfew, they will probably arrest you.