Wednesday, April 09, 2008

DCW Widget

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

We've finally figured out how to build a widget that we'll be updating along with our trackers. Click here to get the widget. We've also put a link on the left sidebar.

Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we could make it better.


Rafa said...

If you use Mac OS X 10.5 (I have no idea about previous versions) you can make a Widget for the dashboard much easier.
Just make sure you are on the DCW webpage, click File>Open in Dashboard and select the part of the website you want. I, myself, have one with the first table from the left (the one with the pledged delegates and the super delegates.)

C.H. Truth said...

It's going to be too wide for most of your standard blog sidebars (which are between 150-200)

Other than that, it's a great move. If I had this earlier I wouldn't need to be keeping updating my own widget.

CHT The big race

Mithras said...

I concur with C.H. Truth. Can you make it at most 175 pixels wide?

Oreo said...

Thanks for your suggestions.
I shrunk it down to 175px wide

C.H. Truth said...

Is it possible to give various sizes?

say the 230 you had
and the 175

No sense in not giving a choice if people "can" fit the bigger one in.

Mithras said...

Many thanks!

Oreo said...

If you click on the widget image on the sidebar you can change the size from that page.

Or click here

Anonymous said...

Is there an easy way to make a Vista Gadget as well?

C.H. Truth said...

I have one more suggestion:

The header line of the widget is long (takes up two lines on the sidebar) and dark (which works fine "if" your sidebar is white but not so much if it isn't).

I might suggest you ditch the line all together or incorporate it right into the actual graphic image so that color of sidebar is not an issue (nor would the size).

check out how it looks on my community page to see what I mean

CHT Community Blog

C.H. Truth said...


Alice C-T said...

Mix -- I just used Amnesty Generator to create a Vista version (had to change the names of 2 columns to fit it in 140 pixel width, but it looks good!)