Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Summary

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

Big Superdelegate Day...

Latest Superdelegate Endorsements:
Rep. Bruce Braley (IA) for Obama
William George (PA) for Clinton
Baron Hill (IN) for Obama
Lois Capps (CA) for Obama
DNC Luisette Cabanas (PR) for Clinton

Current count: Clinton: 261, Obama: 242.

See the DCW Superdelegate Tracker for the latest superdelegate endorsements.

Coming tomorrow, 4 add-ons picked in New York (expect Clinton to pickup 3 or 4), and 2 add-ons in Maryland (expect Obama to pick up both).

Remember, you don't have to wait for Indiana and North Carolina next week. We'll be all Guam, all the time, this weekend!

And we've also got Special Elections on Saturday in LA-1 and LA-6.

Thursday early morning update: Former DNC Chairman Joe Andrew (IN) switches from Clinton to Obama.


Unknown said...

I would like Obama to get at least 1 of the add-ons tomorrow, or at least roll out one more SD than Clinton tomorrow to keep the current gap between them equal or shrinking.

I'm surprised the media isn't commenting more an Obama's huge upward SD trend that appears he'll soon be taking the lead in that category as well. After that, I can't see Clinton having much reason left to remain in.

Unknown said...

Superdelegate switch from Clinton-to-Obama

Joe Andrew, FMR DNC Chairman

Ed said...

+3 for Obama. Supers are finally moving.

washerdreyer said...

Does Joe Andrew put Obama at 243 or did you update the post to include him?

Oreo said...

The latest numbers are always in the left sidebar trackers. We update those before any others.

Obama is currently at 243

Kathy NW Indiana said...

I just went to 3 web sites that explains it all. I feel like such a fool. Thought that "Change" and no more "politics as usual" and "transparency" were going to be good for us. Once again, we've bought and supported another phony political sandwich.

Mike in Maryland said...

Kathy NW Indiana,

And your point is???

Two of your links are broken, one shows campaign contributions from either the Clinton or Obama campaigns to other Democratic nominees for elections.

The '' site is the only link that works, and the information presented doesn't make much sense out of context.

Just what are you attempting to tell us with your cryptic "I just went to 3 web sites that explains it all. I feel like such a fool."