Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Election update

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

Remember, there are 3 Special Elections coming up in the next few weeks:

Mississippi 1stApril 22, 2008Roger Wicker (R)
Louisiana 1stMay 3, 2008Bobby Jindal (R)
Louisiana 6thMay 3, 2008Richard Baker (R)

Swing State Project has been providing great coverage, with all the latest polls, ads, and expenditures, especially in MS-1 and LA-6 where the Democrats are running surprisingly strong races. We'll have results of MS-1 here on Tuesday.


Galois said...

And it looks like we have date for Maryland 4th....June 17 (plenty of time for Edwards to make it not only to DC, but Denver as well).

Matt said...

galois - thanks for the tip - just posted to the front page.

Mike in Maryland said...

When you consider that MD's 4th Congressional District wraps around the eastern border of DC, then heads northwest into Montgomery County, with the furthest point of the CD less than 45 miles from the Capital Building itself, I HOPE she can find her way to her seat in the House!

Actually, I believe she lives in the eastern portion of the CD, and lives less than 15 miles from the Capital Building. If her residence is not the closest to the Capital, it certainly is one of the two closest (Chris Van Hollen might live slightly closer, and not counting Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC delegate).

Maryland CD 4 is outlined here: