Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Preview

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Lots going on this weekend:

We have add-on superdelegates being picked on Saturday in Arizona, New Hampshire and New Mexico. Clinton won Arizona and New Mexico. Selection of the add-on in New Mexico is the first order of business at the state convention which starts at 11 AM local time.

While Clinton won the popular vote in New Hampshire, the delegates were split 8-8, and the add-on is selected by the district-level delegates.

Arizona has a vacancy in their state vice-chair position. The new state vice-chair, who will be a superdelegate, will also be picked on Saturday. The Arizona State Convention starts at 1 PM local time, with the vice-chair position being filled first, followed by the pledged and add-on delegate elections.

And finally, the Iowa District Conventions are on Saturday. Edwards has 3 district-level delegates, but that number could go up or down depending on both math and politics.

Check back over the weekend for all the updates.