Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elitch Gardens and the Convention

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Elitch Gardens is a large amusement park located directly to the West of the Pepsi Center. The Amusement Park has been around Denver in various forms since 1890. You can't pass downtown Denver on the main Interstate without seeing it.

According to their website the park will be closed August 18-21st. A "private event" will be held on August 22nd it will open Saturday August 23rd. It will then be closed for the remainder of the week August 24th - 29th.
On Saturday, August 23rd Elitch Gardens will host the kickoff of convention week. I would expect the park to be closed that day as it's by no means a small event.

Media Party to be held at Elitch Gardens

The opening event for the Democratic National Convention will be the Media Welcoming Party held Aug. 23 at Elitch Gardens Theme Park, with The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News as premier sponsors. Here, Mayor John Hickenlooper announces the details at a press conference at Elitch Gardens. Joining in the announcement were Elbra Wedgeworth, President/Chair of the Denver 2008 Convention Host committee; Harry Whipple, President and CEO of the Denver Newspaper Agency; and Joe Martinez, General Manager of Elitch Gardens. The two daily newspapers and the 118-year-old Elitch's long have been symbols of Denver as well as leaders in their respective industries. The theme park was involved in hospitality when the Democratic Convention was held in Denver 100 years ago.


26376 said...

Your suspicion that the park would be closed on the 23rd seems accurate. The Elitch Gardens calendar linked in the post now says "Private Event" for both the 22nd and 23rd. The park is listed as open on Sunday the 24th, contrary to what was in the post, and then will be closed the remainder of the week, 25-29 August. (It appears that the park is ordinarily closed weekdays after 15 August anyway.)