Saturday, April 05, 2008

Meet Puerto Rico's State Senate President Kenneth McClintock

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One of the best things the DCW team has been able to do during primary season is actually talk to some of the superdelegates. Senate President Kenneth McClintock has been a huge help to us in sorting out the news coming from Puerto Rico this year.

Senator McClintock has been the Senate President since 2005 and before that was the minority leader from 2001-2004. He announced his support of Hillary Clinton in January.

We're also very proud to know that Senator McClintock is an avid reader of our site. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us last month.

How long have you been a member of the DNC? How were you first elected?
I've been a member since 2000, elected by our State Convention.

How do you feel about the existence of superdelegates and what do you say to our readers who think that the process is undemocratic.
I believe superdelegates have a place in the process. As you've mentioned, they're the ones who remain committed full-time to the party throughout a four-year term, have the institutional memory and truly have the party's interests at heart.

Do you have plans to do any sightseeing outside of Denver while you're here?
I may stay a couple of days later and take the interstate up to the mountains. During the convention, no way, since it requires 18-hour-a-day commitment.

Can you tell me a few words about why you chose to endorse Hillary Clinton?
The main reason is because, while Barack Obama left the door open in his statement on Puerto Rico to take away individual PR voters chance to directly vote on political status options, Hillary Clinton is committed to federal legislation that will allow each voter to choose among the options. Remember, political status is by far the main issue for over 90% of Puerto Rican voters.

Have you been to a convention before? If so, do you have any good stories we can pass on to our readers?
I've only attended eight conventions, and expect to attend my tenth in 2012. Stories? I could write a book!

When did you first start visiting 2008 Democratic Convention Watch and how did you first find it?
Late December while doing a Google search and I now check it at least once a day and have recommended it to all my friends, including journalists, as the best, most reliable and up-to-date source.
Thanks Senator McClintock! We look forward to meeting you in August.


cbsmith42 said...

Senator McClintock (and others doing sight seeing while in Denver):

If you have the time, the drive between Denver and Grand Junction is absolutely stunning! Especially coming down the western side of the mountains. Then, as you get to flat land on the western side and it starts moving to more desert-looking land. Seriously impressive.

(Hope I'm not too far off topic).

Unknown said...

Thanks for an interesting article.

Anyone know how many registered Democrats in Puerto Rico? Is there a mail-in option for the primary, and if so, how many ballots might be expected, broadly?

I sure like the tone on this site.

Don Simon Bolivar said...

The only reason you’re voting for Hillary is because you have a history with the Clinton Family. Also you are funding campaigns on the island. The United States has not right to interfere into Puerto Rico election process. The same way the United States funds subversive programs in Latin America is what is happening to Puerto Rico. You are in violation of Puerto Rico sovereignty Mr. London. Keep your campaign funds and your organization out of the political spectrum of Puerto Rico. Your organization is a subversive one that represents instability and illegal campaign contributions to specific core groups. That meets the needs of America and not of Puerto Rico. While you ridiculous Circus entertainment of the hoax of American candidates attempting to campaign in Puerto Rico will not be forgiven. You parade your banners and flag your imagery of statehood on our island. To extort money from people who have nothing. In providing them the same false hopes America has provided Puerto Rican here. We are going to expose your circus in Puerto Rico. Let the others who follow you now that we are coming soon and only when we are above the horizon will you see our flag of liberty stand before you. Radiating down towards our people like the great Sol Taino. (Sankofa!)