Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Michigan update

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I don't know if this article came out of any "official" results, but the Michigan Uncommitted delegate situation is still, well, I don't quite know what to call it:

In the end, supporters of Obama won half of the 36 Uncommitted delegate seats, while union-backed candidates won the rest. It was a bitter pill for the new Democrats, who felt that all 36 slots should go to true-blue Obama fans.
Although most of the Uncommitted delegates said they would support Obama, there is suspicion that many of those not endorsed by the Obama group actually support New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.
It's been written elsewhere that the the non Michiganders-for-Obama should not be assumed to be any less for Obama than the MfOs. But, on the other hand, they probably can't be definitevly counted for Obama either. And officially, they may all have to stay in the Uncommitted category up to the convention - and this is all only if they get seated as is anyway.

Since we use The Green Papers for our pledged delegate count, as long as they keep these delegates in the Uncommitted category, we will also.


michael from Minesota said...

If Michiganders wanted to have their delegation seated it would have been a really good idea to insure that all 55 of the uncommitted delegates went to Obama. If any significant number are Clintonites the Obama forces will block then being seated. If half of these go for Clinton the Obama folks will demand a 50-50 split.

Unknown said...

This is a crock of s..t! This doesn't take into account all those who didn't vote because their candidate wasn't on the ballot, nor does it take in to account how many wrote in their candidate or attempted to. I had to call my 92 year old mother to tell her to vote uncommitted. How many people didn't realize that and how many just plain didn't vote?