Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Host Committee Announces Welcome Event Venues

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Delegate parties throughout Denver area
set for Sunday, Aug. 24

The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee today announced details for the Democratic National Convention state delegation welcoming events to be held on Sunday, August 24 , 2008. Denver will host 54 delegations at 24 venues in the city and surrounding areas.
Jenny Anderson, Event Director for the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, made the announcement during visits to three of the 24 venues that will host delegation parties: Blair Caldwell Library, Museo de las Americas and Wings Over the Rockies.

Other sites include the Governor's Mansion, where the Colorado delegation will open its convention activities; the Wildlife Experience, site for the Texas event; the Denver Art Museum, site for the Illinois event; and the Belmar Center in nearby Lakewood that will host five delegations -- Alaska, Indiana, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island and Tennessee.
"Denver and the selected venues are excited to extend hospitality to the delegates of the Democratic National Convention," said Anderson. "The diversity of the venues exemplifies the uniqueness and diversity in Denver and the surrounding area, both geographically and culturally."
Venues and state delegation assignments were based on delegation size, venue capacity and location, among other logistics. Including the state delegation parties, the Denver Host Committee is organizing more than 40 parties during the week of the convention. Each event will be planned to minimize impact to the local environment.
"With 6,000 delegates planning on attending the convention, there has never been a larger spotlight on Denver," said Host Committee President/Chair Elbra Wedgeworth. "We're excited to showcase all that the region has to offer - its energy, diversity and exciting opportunities, among many other things."
List of State Delegation Party Venues:
Belmar Center - Alaska, Indiana, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Tennessee
Blair Caldwell Library - Democrats Abroad, Virgin Islands
Botanic Gardens - South Carolina
Colorado History Museum - Arkansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin
Denver Zoo - Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota
Downtown Aquarium - Connecticut, Delaware, Missouri
Exdo Event Center - California
Grant Humphries - Minnesota
Hudson's Gardens - New Jersey
The Lab at Belmar - American Samoa, Guam, Idaho, Hawaii
Museo de las Americas - District of Columbia
Museum of Nature & Science - Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
Palazzo Verdi - Nebraska, Oklahoma
Phipps Mansion - New Hampshire, Vermont
Phipps Pavilion - Mississippi, Montana, Wyoming
Pinnacle Club - New York
Red Rocks - North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
Wildlife Experience - Texas
Wings Over the Rockies - Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Oregon, Washington
For more information, visit www.denverconvention2008.com.
And for any delegates out there... your humble DCW staff would love to celebrate with you at any of the above locations (Kansas... this means you!) Email us at demconwatch -at- google groups dot com


DocJess said...

Am I misreading, or are Florida and Michigan not on the list?

David Jarvis said...

Some of these grouping don't make a whole of sense. For example, Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Oregon, Washington are grouped together and while you could make a case for AZ, OR and WA, LA and MD are weird inclusions.

Dario said...

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Mike in Maryland said...

"And for any delegates out there... your humble DCW staff would love to celebrate with you at any of the above locations (Kansas... this means you!)"


Oh! Now I get it. It's the only restaurant on the list, and it serves high-priced prime beef.