Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Maryland Special Election Update

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This could put Donna Edwards in office before the convention.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) will ask the state legislature to pass emergency legislation that would allow the state to hold a special general election to replace outgoing U.S. Rep. Albert R. Wynn (D) without first holding a primary.

O'Malley said he will ask the General Assembly to make the change before the legislative session ends Monday. It would allow the winner to serve out the remainder of Wynn's term and achieve seniority over other congressional freshmen.

Prince George's attorney Donna F. Edwards, who ended Wynn's pursuit of a ninth term by defeating him in a Democratic primary in February, is widely expected to run in any special election in the overwhelmingly Democratic district that includes parts of Prince George's and Montgomery counties. Edwards will face Republican Peter James in the November election.


"I have a hard time accepting the notion that it's not important to fill that seat when you have a congressional seat vacant," O'Malley told reporters. "For them not to be represented in Congress is not right." - Washington Post

Should Edwards be sworn in before the convention she would become a superdelegate. Like Al Wynn she has endorsed Barack Obama.


hockeypuck said...

Kudos to Donna Edwards!

Kudos to Governor Freudenthal of Wymoming!

Kudos to Oregon State Senator Avel Gordly who is becoming a Democrat to support Barack!

MKSinSA said...

Wow hockeypuck,

After reading your post, I read a piece on Gordy. Now that's an endorsement!

cbsmith42 said...

I agree!

Hockeypuck, are you from Oregon or do you just have WAY too much time on your hands? :)

Seriously. I googled Avel Gordly and found a great article:
Very inspiring, indeed.

(I'm sooo out of my league on this site. Anybody else feel that way?)

MKSinSA said...

Hi cbsmith!

In the grand scheme of things, if you're not a political junkie, this is sort of like going to grad school before high school! Considering how tight this primary has been there're a lot of us who pretty much took a lot of this stuff for granted! Welcome to the club!

MKSinSA said...

P.S. If you have questions or don't understand something, if I can't help you, maybe we can learn it together!!

cbsmith42 said...

Thanks, mksinsa.

I'm hanging in there for the most part. The more I learn, the more I want to learn.

I'm a junkie for now but will have to see what happens after November to determine if I'm here to stay or if I'm still just distraught after 2004. I mean, I've never voted other than democratic but that's more by sense of intuition of what is good for the species. This time though, I've realized voting is not enough. I'm active now and I have every reason that I've left my shell behind for good so to speak.

But, as you've said, it's grad school before high school and I have a lot to learn. :)

iwuzsailor said...

I might just have to vote a "write in" in the general in Nov

MKSinSA said...

Gosh, it's so civil over here!

I used to be like you, heck, in MA where I grew up voting DEM was sort of a right of passage. After I got into the military and the parties sort of morphed into a single entity, I just did my best to find the good people regardless the party.

I really think J. McCain is a decent man and one of principles. I mean the ONLY candidate to have not one earmark? That's impressive. Then he starts talking: about the war, the economy, contraceptives (a very funny interview) and I realize that his time has come and gone. The same for Nader, whom I've actually voted for in past. And that's change I just can't believe in.

iwuzsailor said...

well it looks like our choices are gonna be a "rookie" or a "senior citizen"

MKSinSA said...

Howdy, sailor!

Don't so easily dismiss rookies. As we know some of our most valiant combatants - MOH awardees - are often among our youngest, most inexperienced, yet most battle-tested. And that medal came into existence through the pen stroke of another rookie, Lincoln. Look what he did for our country.

Besides, who'd you write in? But if you had to, hope it's me :)

hockeypuck said...

mksinsa and cbs -- I was only posting the news that happened to show up at the time on Google News site. There wasn't any comments to the Donna Edwards story, and when I went to read more about it on Google News, I also read about the other two people I mentioned.

No, I am not from Oregon and between running the local 911 dispatch center, working as a volunteer at the zoo and the local SPCA, being the mom of two little girls, 3 rescue dogs and a spoiled cat, and playing hockey on a local ladies team, I've still found a way to participate in Matt's board for the past few years.

Sorry that my news was so dead-beat boring. Next time I'll share a few bizarre 911 calls from the past month and maybe my thread won't draw so many complaints.




cbsmith42 said...

Whoa. No complaint here, hockeypuck!

I'm sorry if it read that way but I really didn't mean for it to come across like that. I was impressed that you knew it. It was a great find! and I did think it was inspiring that she would change her affiliation for the endorsement. (I also find all the stuff you just listed inspiring, too). I was just remarking because it didn't seem like mainstream news.

I look forward to your posts here. Especially the ones that end like this :0) rather than like this :0(

Really, I'm sorry, hockeypuck. I guess it was the 'too much time on your hands' comment, but I really meant it more like I was impressed that you knew it... 'cus I was.

Didn't mean to cause a ruckus. And I never meant to offend.

MKSinSA said...


Don't feel slighted ... the fact that BOTH of us went and Googled your info shows the high level of interest your post spurred. That we all went off into another orbit speaks to the level of civility (read "safe place to post without nuts") here.