Saturday, April 12, 2008

Democratic Convention Watch on Politico

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

I'd like to thank Michael Calderone for his great story on superdelegate tracking and his nice words about DCW. I wasn't kidding about hearing from the campaigns. If you're reading this and you have any pull with either the Clinton or Obama campaign email us at dem con watch -at- google groups dot com

So the two began listing all the names they could find through campaign releases or lists supplied to them from the Democratic National Committee.

Now they also use readers’ tips and do their own research to pull together a list of committed superdelegates. Some superdelegates have even commented on the site which way they’re leaning or have assisted the site’s creators in keeping an accurate count.

DemConWatch’s current totals are 245 for Clinton, 221 for Obama — different, of course, than the other news outlets but still falling within the same range as their better-equipped (and -funded) competitors.

And there’s another major difference in how they’ve kept a running superdelegate tally: while individual Democrats chime in with assistance, the two campaigns have been absent from the process.


Hope 4 Obama said...

I was totally impressed with it too!

Ken 4 People Power said...

Be Heard…Through
If you think party big-shots called Super Delegates should listen to rank-and-file Democrats, go to -- just launched by the nonprofit StateDemocracy Foundation. This impartial site is the only one where you can lobby ALL your state’s Super Delegates -- whether to support Obama or Clinton, or even to remain undecided.