Monday, April 28, 2008

Convention protest update

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It seems like we've come a long way since 1968: Local law groups recently sponsored "a four-day series of workshops and discussions that offer training and tips for activists and protesters planning to demonstrate in and around convention week." And at these meetings we learned a little more about plans for dealing with the protests:

Protesters will not be confined to "cages" during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and the city wants to get away from the long lines of shoulder-to-shoulder, riot-gear-clad police that typified security at the national conventions in Boston and New York, Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown said today.

Brown participated in a noontime panel discussion with Glenn Spagnuolo, a representative for Re-create 68, the Denver-based umbrella group for war protesters and other activists that has said it will occupy Civic Center day and night throughout the convention.

Spagnuolo had charged that Denver planned to keep protesters as much as a mile away from the Pepsi Center, where the convention is to be held, saying he had it "on good authority" that the security perimeter would extend in a mile radius around the arena. ...

Details of the perimeter have not been released, but Mike Dino, who leads the Denver committee responsible for hosting the convention, told a group of business executives at the Pepsi Center this morning that the one-mile radius was a rumor and not true. Brown said he expected details of the perimeter to be released in six to eight weeks.

This one-mile radius is a story that just won't die.