Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guam update

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As we wrote yesterday, Guam has three superdelegate vacancies, two of which will actually be chosen during the Guam caucuses this weekend. The Guam Democratic Chair and Vice-chair will be voted on, and there are three candidate slates running. From the Marianas Variety ("Micronesia's Leading Newspaper Since 1972"), we learn that one of the slates, Joseph Artero Cameron and Arlene Bordallo, has endorsed Clinton, while another slate, Pilar Lujan and Jaime Paulino, is supported by the local Obama campaign.

Which of course pretty much guarantees that the third slate, which we know nothing about, including their names, will win.

Update: The third slate is Antonio Charfauros and Mary Ann Cabrera. Charfauros is the current Chair, so he it looks like he's the incumbent in the race, and they're both uncommitted:

Charfauros and Cabrera said that as of now, they remain uncommitted in supporting the two U.S. Democratic presidential hopefuls because they wanted to see what they would bring to the table for the people of Guam.


Galois said...

I thought it might be worth mentioning here in the comments that the Guam caucuses are really more like primaries (like New Mexico). Voters just go to the polls and cast a secret ballot. The polls are open from 10am to 8pm local time which is 8pm Friday to 6am Saturday on the east coast in the states. So while the contest is officially Saturday, we should have results by the time most people wake up Saturday in the states.

Enterik said...

Since superdelegate Robert Underwood resigned his DNC position, DNC Chair Antonio Charfauros was scrambling to to appoint either Benjamin Cruz or Mike Phillips. Both have endorsed Obama. To me, that makes Charfauros look like he is leaning towards Obama.

Since I think Madeleine Bordallo will eventually endorse Clinton, I am predicting a 3-2 superdelegate split in favor of Obama.