Monday, April 21, 2008

DNCC Introduces Convention 101

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

The DNCC will announce a new addition to their website today called Convention 101.
DCW got an exclusive peek and we know it will be a favorite for all of our readers.

Laid out as a series of educational lessons, “Convention 101” includes information on the extensive planning process that takes place in advance of the Convention and what happens and when during the four-day event.

The 2008 Democratic National Convention will be the culmination of more than two years of formal planning by the Democratic Party to structure a nominating cycle and nominating Convention representing the Party’s principles, values and diversity. The planning process, including the role of the prestigious Standing Committees, is now outlined in detail under “Lesson 1: Convention Lead-Up” on the site. As Convention participants are certified by Alice Germond, Secretary of the Democratic National Committee, the names of each participant to the 2008 Convention will be posted to this section of the site. This section will also indicate the presidential candidate to whom pledged delegates are pledged.

Convention week itself is explained under “Lesson 2: At the Convention” and includes a typical day in the life of a delegate, how and when pledged and unpledged delegates cast their votes and the role alternate delegates play in the event. The section also outlines the requirements necessary to secure the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Additional features, listed under “Extra Credit,” include a glossary, a “Convention by the Numbers” fact sheet and an interactive feature, “Ask Phil.” There, users can submit inquiries on the mechanics, rules and processes governing the Convention. Each week, Phil McNamara, Director of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection, will select one question to answer and post on the site. - DNCC Press Release

If you've ever wondered what takes place behind the scenes of a convention or what all the delegates do during the day this is a great resource. And if there's a question you have that isn't answered on the site you can Ask Phil

Phil McNamara is Director of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection. In other words, he is our go-to guru on all things delegate – pledged and un-pledged. “Ask Phil” is your chance to have your questions answered on the mechanics, rules and processes governing the Convention. We “Ask Phil” questions all the time, now it’s your turn. Phil will pick one of your questions to answer each week. Check back here to see if your inquiry was answered.

To submit your question, send an email to

The DNCC is doing an amazing job building up their website. We'll continue to let you know when they add something new.


smrk17 said...

According to this site, candidates who have dropped out cannot receive at large or PLEO delegates at the state level, only district delegates. That means Edwards loses his 2 of his NH delegates and 3 of his SC delegates. The NH ones split evenly, and Obama should get 2 of the 3 in SC. Am I understanding that correctly?

Matt said...

Edwards has actually not officially dropped out. He has only "suspended" his campaign, so his delegates are still his. We discussed this a while back here.